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Allen’s Test Carpal Tunnel

Thoracic outlet syndrome is one of the most common injuries that we see that are missed. People come in with pain down their hand and they’ve been told they have carpal tunnel. Thoracic outlet syndrome is grabbing on to that artery as it’s coming from the head and neck down to the arm and hand. If you squish on to that artery, it’s going to decrease the blood flow. You’ll feel that in your fingertips part of your hand. For example, what we’ll find in people testing is they’ll start to feel pain at certain spots.

We move the arm and shoulder and the pain goes away. Or they feel the numbness and tingling when we do this, it goes away. We grab on to that spot where we produce the pain. Thoracic outlet syndrome has several different common places where it occurs. The biggest one is where the pec minor comes across the shoulder with that artery cutting right underneath it. If we can grip and grab on to that spot, produce the pain. Likewise, there are several tests that will tell us, Hey, this is where the thoracic outlet is coming from..

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