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Arthritis Blood Test

Hi my name is Gwyn Salisbury and I have been doing Block Therapy for about four years now. I got introduced to it by my friend after I was diagnosed with carpal tunnelsyndrome and the had said after he looked at my results that he didn’t know how I functioned every day and as I was on a list for surgery when I saw Kristen at Fluid Isometrics she worked with me and then I got my Block Buddy

and we worked with that and we found that it was more of a thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I was an iceberg all through here and you couldn’t even see this here that as you can see now we melted through it with the blocks and the carpal tunnel syndrome went away I got more feeling in my hands and it’s been great and I would recommend it to anybody. Thank you.

Rheumatoid Arthritis predictive marker for ra

Is it possible to predict who will get rheumatoidarthritis? Maybe… Blood Test Could Predict Rheumatoid ArthritisPetra Maria Longewag writing in the Maine News reported new research suggests, a simpleblood test may soon help s identify a debilitating form of arthritis, much beforethe emergence of any symptoms, helping stop the disease from progressing further. Accordingto the study, elevated inflammatory proteins called cytokines levels in the blood warnof impending rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The new study reports elevated levels of certainmarkers of inflammation i. e. cytokines and related factors can be detected in the bloodstream, long before the development of rheumatoid

arthritis or symptoms of the disease emerge.Solbritt RantapääDahlqvist, MD., one of the researchers in a news release said thesefindings offer an opportunity for predicting the risk of developing RA, and perhaps, evenpreventing disease progression. Comment: If this result is validated, it couldprove to be very useful..

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