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Arthritis Flare

Can your mood affect arthritis symptoms The answer next Can depression worsen RA symptoms Dr. Bonnie Bermas writing in the Harvard health blog reported roughly one in six people with rheumatoid arthritis RA suffers from depression. Common symptoms of depression, such as fatigue, achiness, and difficulty completing activities of daily life for example, dressing, cooking, cleaning, can mimic the symptoms of an arthritis flare. It is also possible that depression can contribute to a flare. A team of researchers studied 379 people with RA who were already enrolled in a trial to.

Compare different medications for the treatment of their arthritis. Participants were asked to describe their feelings using one of the following sentences I am not anxious or depressed, I am moderately anxious or depressed, or I am extremely anxious or depressed. This assessment was administered alongside standard scales used to measure whether RA symptoms are getting better or worse, or remaining stable what doctors call disease activity. The researchers found that the participants reporting more anxiety and depression had higher disease activity scores. They also reported more tender joints and, when asked about their symptoms, they themselves rated.

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