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Gt How do you fit in If you’re interested in studying environmental psychology or pursuing a career as an ecopsychologist or a conservation psychologist, I encourage you to get involved. There are over 25 master’s programs and 15 doctoral programs in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico that have programs in environmentally focused psychology and many more that offer classes. Perhaps you want to contribute to society by taking what is known within psychology and applying it to an environmental topic or issue. Or perhaps you want to change society and reinvent psychology,.

Given all that we know about ecology and the place of humans in the natural world. Some students are drawn to scientific study. Others are drawn to the arts or philosophy or to explore their own outdoor experiences. Others seek to be healers or inventors. Others are committed to protect and preserve wild places and other species. Some do all of the above. Remember to work together. And keep in mind that you’ll be a pathfinder because many of these ideas are still relatively new or unknown in academia and among the general public.

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