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Arthritis Keyboard

Hi, I’m your hand and lower arm and I have got to tell you I’m fed up with repetitive gripping and general misunderstanding of hand training exercises. Let me tell you why. It’s not that complicated. Every time I grip something, like equipment in sports, fitness or music, or a computer, or cellphone, or something in my work or hobby, I use the nine muscles that close my hand. But I also use my nine muscles that open the hand just as much for support. The problem is that my nine handclosing muscles get to move through their full range of motions.

While my nine handopening muscles stay in one position. This leads to overuse, weakness and imbalance in my fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm and elbow. So why do people only exercise the nine muscles that close the hand With stress balls, coil devices and springloaded grippers Can’t you see I need to strengthen and balance all eighteen of my muscles. Otherwise, I can develop so many problems. Would you ever strengthen the biceps without strengthening the triceps Of course not. So why treat me so badly Hand Master Plus is what I need. Hand Master Plus knows how to treat me. It strengthens.

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