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Arthritis Lumps

We’re in Portland, Oregon with michael and lisa and they’re gonna tell us how they found MMS and how it has benefited them go ahead alright I found MMS from the Reiki ranch i’ve been taking this from roy taylor and umm I started taking it all my joints felt better I had Arthritis in my knuckles my knuckles were swollen in 3 days this knuckle went down to normal and it quit popping in and out too and i do landscaping and mow lawns I have 1 job I use my weed eater for 2 hours straight.

When I get done i’m hot and tired but my hands i’m 58 years old and I feel great that’s great you look active he looks awake well I went to the doctor last month and got my yearly checkup blood workup and everything was perfect not a damn thing wrong with you and I told her i’m 58 years old and I feel this good I feel better now then when I was in my forties I was in a sluggish time I was just toxic waste dump I felt and boy it’s different now so.

You also benefited yes and I took notes I did a 8 week of the solution and my problem is the pains I have had is I broke my neck about 15 years ago had a fusion between C5 and C6 and the pain level of that has been at a 10 I mean theirs been years where I can just sit on ice I dont want to pun but what a real pain in the neck that’s the real pain in the neck which I don’t have anymore this will be a real pain in the neck.

Arthritis, Broken Neck MMS Testimony

And the most amazing thing is my neck pain went away in 1 or 2 and it has stayed away umm my left hip and my right hip had pain in arthritis in my knee I had smashed my toe with a sledgehammer at 1 time I felt I just kept feeling the pain fall off of my and the only place I still have pain is just in my right big toe and so taylor told me to do a foot bath and that has gone down to practically nothing have you been using DMSO at all.

On the back of your foot wow that’s incredible too have you ever used it on your hands it’s great stuff but that’s great and these just 2 another examples where you have probably 10 more testimonies we’re gonna record here these are people that have come already benefited we want them to know it even better it’s easier now it’s a joke it’s so simple if you don’t do this to maintain your health it’s the easiest thing that you can do and it really helps you so I read jim’s book and I have made the.

Solution myself and I took some to my brother about a month ago and I just talked to him about half hour ago and he does not have Arthritis anymore great he is so excited just drinking it ya isn’t that cool and basically it’s toxins your detoxifing with MMS and all these things their is so many people working on 1 thing and 5 other things happen at the same time I can breathe better my throat doesnt hurt my pain I had for years is gone this thing went down the wart fell off I mean.

It’s crazy stuff but if you think about it’s things you haven’t noticed my eye sight got better my hair started growing and now where nutrition we’re entering and explaining to people how to eat better and get the essential things for your body to repair itself we got to figure it out I cooked for 35 years I cook for us all the time and we’re pretty healthy good keep going so I did the 8 week solution and then I was going to do a maintenance doses and their was like a week.

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