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Time for a trivia question. Let’s extricate it from its paper prison here. The question What is the type of lubricating fluid found within the knuckles and other joints Multiple choices, inverse alphabetical order. Is that thyroidal, synovial, hormonal, or adrenal fluid. Now the prize, only prize for the correct answer one pat on the back, that you’ll have to administer to yourself. But you’ll have to agree that’s a heck of a lot better than a slap on the belly with a wet trout, isn’t it Okay, is that your answer Hormonal No.

Turns out that its synovial fluid. Now, let’s see what’s in the little black bag today. Why it’s a human hand! Do you see that! A human hand was in the bag! Now this pertains to knuckle cracking. Ooh aw ooh oh. I’m sorry but we have to do it for the show. Sorry. Now, does knuckle cracking cause arthritis of the hand. It’s long believed that it does indeed do that. However, there’s a small study that’s published in the Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatism back in ’79 that indicated there was no problem. However, a courageous.

Doctor, Doctor Donald Unger from Thousand Oaks, California, decided to use himself as a human guinea pig. And for fifty years he would crack the knuckles on his right hand, but not his left hand. Everyday, doing that. Well, he reported recently that after fifty years of doing that, there was no difference between his right hand and his left hand. No arthritis. So cracking your knuckles may disturb other people, but it doesn’t cause arthritis. And when you crack a knuckle, you’re actually compressing that synovial fluid, which causes the sound an acoustic wave generation by cracking your knuckle. I’m.

Realm of Bizarre News Vol 1 Does Knuckle Cracking Cause Arthritis

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