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Arthritis Pain In Hip

Hip Arthritis Stretches Exercises Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it’s jo.Today i’m gonna show you some hip arthritis stretches and exercises, so let’s get started.The first exercise is gonna be a hip flexion exercise.Just seated in a chair.Make sure you back is nice and straight, nice and comfortable.Knee at about a 90 degree angle and your hip at about a 90 degree angle.Then just bring your knee straight up towards the ceiling, this way.And then slowly come back down.Make sure you’re going slow and controlled.Going fast is just using momentum and you.

Really want to use those muscles.Nice and controlled.Nice and slow.Start off with about 10 of these.Then if it gets easy when you you get up to 2025, you can add an ankle weight and then start back down to the lower reps.The next exercise is a sit to stand.So you’re just gonna stand up and then slowly sit back down.With this, again, be controlled.Don’t just jump right up and then come down, you want to control those muscles.So leaning forward a little bit to shift your weight, then come up and then slowly come back down.

If you need to sit all the way down, that’s ok, but if you can, just kind of tap the chair and then come back up.Make sure you knees are staying behind your toes by sticking your bottom out.So it’s not coming straight down like this, but sticking the bottom out and then coming back up.So again, just starting with about 10 of these and then working your way up to 20 or 25.So now i’m gonna get down on the ground and show you some more.A lot.

Of times when we have hip arthritis, we end up bending forward to kind of protect those hips.And then those hip flexors end up getting tight, so you want to stretch those out.Get yourself kind of in a lunge position with the knee down that you want to stretch that side.And then the other one out in front of you.Make sure your toes stay forward, your back stays upright.And then just lean forward and you should feel a stretch right through here.So hold that stretch for about 30 seconds.Come back and then stretch again.

If you’re on a harder surface, you might want to put a pillow under your knee so you’re not getting so much pressure through your knee.But make sure you’re not bending forward cause then that’s taking away from the stretch.Keep your back nice and upright and then stretch forward.Three of those, 30 seconds.Alright so now we’re gonna get on the ground.Now you’re gonna do some hip abduction exercises in the supine position or lying on your back.With these exercises, you really want to try and keep your toes straight up and down.A.

Lot of times people want to turn that foot out, especially with the hip arthritis.People tend to go out this way.But try to keep it up and down.All you’re gonna do is lie down flat, and then just slide your leg out a little bit and come back in.Be nice and relaxed, and see how i’m keeping my foot up straight towards the ceiling.Now sometimes people want to do that, but then you’re not working those outer muscles.So keeping it up, sliding out with those toes up, coming back in.You can just start off with about 10 of these.

And kind of work your way up to 20 25, and if those become easy, then you don’t need to do this exercise anymore.The next exercise is what we call clam shells.Clam shells even though the look easy, they’re actually pretty tough.You’re gonna put you knees together.And your legs on top of each other.Kind of perpendicular to the ground.So keep your hips up.A lot of times people want to roll them back lie this, but you want them straight up and down to the ground.Pull your knees up in a bent position, still on top of each.

Other, and then you’re gonna open up like a clam shell, and then slowly come back down.So see how my hips want to roll back, but try and keep them straight up and down.You don’t have to make a big opening, but you want to make it nice and controlled without rolling those hips down.So again, you can start off with about 10 of these.Work your way up to about 20 25.If they become easy, then you can put a weight around the top of.

Your leg, or you can use a resistive band to get a little more resistance doing those.And then the last exercise is just a simple bridge.Bridges seem pretty simple, but they give you a nice workout.They’re working the hamstrings in the back, the gluteus muscles in the back, keeping the hips nice and strong.So prop your knees up feet out apart for each other just a little bit, and then slowly come up into a flat position here.Now don’t go fast.The slowness is the important part.So coming up and then slowly coming back down.

If you do each segment of your back, you’ll get a little bit of stretch in your spine as well.So coming up and then slowly coming back down.Again starting off with 10 and then working your way up from there.So there you have it, those are your hip arthritis stretches and exercises.If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.Don’t forget to like us.If you’d like to check out some more tutorials, go to askjo and remember.Be safe, have fun, and i hope you feel better soon.

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