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Can Early Carpal Tunnel Be Reversed

One aspect that we do need to cover is correct stretching of the hands, because so many techniques are joint locks, and throws and especially wrist locks. What we need to do is we actually need to learn how to warm up the joints of the wrist. The first position is going to be kotegashi. So, the hand is forward. I’ll turn to the side, the hand is forward. Turn the palm to face you. Take your other hand and take your bottom three fingers middle, ring and pinkie. Let that index finger just relax or along the meat and root of the thumb.

The thumb is actually going to pass right in between the third and fourth knuckle. You’re going to turn until the bones lock and then you’re going to relax and draw the hand down until it stretches and it’s slightly uncomfortable. OK. So, from the front. From the other side. Now, some go forward, this is acceptable. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing is perfectly fine. So, your hand. What it is is that you’re just you’re opening it up and you’re quite frankly for people with carpal tunnel I have found, or I’ve been told anyways since I do not suffer from it.

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