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Carpal Bones Quiz

Bones of the Hand and Wrist Anatomy Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the bones of the hand.So in the hand, you’ve got carpal bones, eight carpal bones.You’ve got metacarpals, which are these bones here.And then you’ve got phalanges, which are the bones in the fingers, so these bones here.So you’ve got carpals, metacarpals and phalanges.The carpal bones are these bones in the wrist.The word ‘carpus’ in latin means ‘wrist’.So the wrist joint is this articulation with the carpal bones and the radius.So it’s not shown that well on this model, but the radius bone articulates with these two carpal bones,.

These two proximal carpal bones, the scaphoid and the lunate.The distal end of the radius has articular surfaces for these two bones, the scaphoid and the lunate.So on this diagram, the positioning is shown a bit more accurately.So you’ve got the radius bone here laterally because it’s thumb side and you’ve got the ulnar bone here and you’ve got the scaphoid and the lunate bone articulating with the radius.This joint here is the wrist joint.So this joint is a condyloid synovial joint.It’s the articulation between the radius,.

The scaphoid and the lunate.So as you can see here in this 3d model, the scaphoid and the lunate are slightly more medial than they should be.They should be shifted over more laterally towards the thumb side, so that they articulate with the radius.So when you think of these eight carpal bones, you think of them in two rows.You’ve got a proximal row and a distal row.So in the proximal row, there are four bones.So again, remembering these should be shifted slightly over laterally, these two bones would be in.

The proximal row.So the most radial the thumb side, we’ve got the scaphoid that’s lateral, then we’ve got the lunate here just adjacent to the scaphoid bone and you’ve got these two bones here, the triquetral bone and sitting on top of the triquetral bone, you’ve got this bone here called the pisiform bone.These are the four bones that make up the proximal row.You’ve got the scaphoid laterally, lunate, triquetral and pisiform.So the distal row of carpal bones on the lateral side, you’ve got the trapezium.Then you’ve.

Got the trapezoid one, the capitate and the hamate.There’s a mnemonic for remembering these carpal bones and it’s ‘she looks too pretty, try to catch her’.It’s going lateral to medial on the proximal row, then lateral to medial on the distal row.So she scaphoid, looks lunate, too triquetral, pretty pisiform.And then going back laterally, try trapezium, to trapezoid, catch capitate, her hamate.So ‘she looks too pretty, try to catch her’.So often a point of confusion is remembering which one is the trapezium and the trapezoid.

The way i remembering it is that trapezium is on the thumb side.So it ends with um just like ‘thumb’.So trapezium is thumb side.And then you’ve got the trapezoid bone in between the capitate and the trapezium.The capitate bone is called the ‘capitate’ because the word ‘capitate’ comes from the latin ‘head’ and it’s got this kind of head here which sits between the scaphoid and lunate bones.So that’s why the capitate is called that.And i also remember capitate is like the head.It’s like the central, the head bone.It’s.

The biggest bone in the hand, the capitate.And the hamate bone is called the ‘hamate’ because the word ‘hamulus’ or ‘hamus’ in latin is hook.So it’s got this hooklike process on its volar surface.So that’s why the hamate is called the ‘hamate’.And you might remember the bone of the skull, the little process called the hamulus, that’s that hooklike process.So that’s a way of remembering the carpal bones, ‘she looks too pretty, try to catch her’.And then trapezium, thumb side, capitate has the head and it’s the head bone, so it’s.

The biggest central bone and the hamate has this little hook because the word ‘hamus’ in latin means hook.Just after the carpal bones, you’ve got the metacarpal bones.So the prefix meta is greek.It means ‘after’, ‘around’, ‘beyond’, ‘adjacent’, that sort of meaning.They are after the carpal bones, they’re around the carpal bones, so they’re metacarpals.And these sit in the palm of the hands.I’ll just show you.If you look at the skin, you can see the position they lie just before the fingers.These are.

The metacarpal bones and they’re referred to as metacarpal 15.The thumb side is the first metacarpal.You’ve got two, three, four, five.So when you’re referring to the metacarpals, you refer to them as the first, second, third, fourth, fifth metacarpal.And then these articulate with the phalanges.The bones of the fingers are called phalanges.So the singular term is ‘phalanx’ and plural is ‘phalanges’.So in the thumb, you’ve only got two phalanges.You’ve got a proximal and a distal phalanx.In the four fingers, you’ve got proximal, middle and distal phalanges.And again, this is first, second, third, fourth,.

Fifth phalanges.Often, actually, you’ll hear them referred to as the phalanges of the thumb, index, middle, ring and little finger.So that avoids confusion because sometimes you might think, is it the first one, the little one or the thumb so to avoid confusion in al medicine, you’ll often hear people referring to fractures of the phalanges as the ‘proximal phalanx of the thumb’ or the ‘proximal phalanx of the indexmiddleringlittle finger’ because that avoids confusion about which finger you’re talking about.So you’ve got some joints in the hand that you need to be aware of.The joint between.

The metacarpals and the carpal bones are called carpometacarpal joints because they join the carpus and the metacarpal.So carpometacarpal joints between the carpal bones and the metacarpals.And then you’ve got the joints between the metacarpals and the phalanges.These are called metacarpophalangeal joints because they join the metacarpals and the phalanges, so these joints here.So these are the knuckle joints.And you’ve got this mobile thumb joint.It’s a saddle joint between the first metacarpal and the proximal phalanx of the thumb.And then you’ve got joints in the phalanges.So on the thumb, you’ve only got a proximal.

And distal phalanx.You only have one joint.This is the intermediate phalangeal joint.In the fingers, in the forefingers, you have these joints between the proximal and the middle phalanges.And then you’ve got these joint between the middle and the distal phalanges.So the first one is called the proximal interphalangeal joint and the distal joint is the distal interphalangeal joint.So they’re referred to as pip’s and dip’s for short and the metacarpophalangeal joints are referred to as the mcp joints.So in rheumatoid arthritis, you get problems at the metacarpophalangeal and proximal interphalangeal.

Joints.Whereas with osteoarthritis, you get problems at the distal interphalangeal joints, so the dip’s.So you’ve got the carpometacarpal joints, the mcp joints at the knuckles.You get intermediate phalangeal joint of the thumb and the proximal interphalangeal joints the pip joints and the dip distal interphalangeal joints.One last point to bear in mind, which i forgot to mention before is that the scaphoid bone, its blood supply enters it distally.So a fall on the outstretched hand often fractures the scaphoid bone.This is something to bear in mind.Because it receives its blood supply.

Carpal Wrist bones preview Human Anatomy Kenhub

Hello everyone! this is joao from kenhub, and today, i’m going to do a tutorial where i’m going to go into a little bit more detail on the carpal bones, here, these bones highlighted in green.Now, as i probably mentioned before, these bones are eight bonesso eight bones in your wrist.And before we go and talk about them in a little bit more detail, each and every individual bone here, i need to clarify something that is usually a bit confusing to me as well, and this is the orientation.

Or direction of these bones, where they’re exactly found.Now, on this image here, you can that this is the palmar side of the hand, and you see here a little bit of the radius that is located laterally and a little bit of the ulna that is located medially.Knowing that, you can see that the thumb is usually found or is found on the same direction on the lateral side.Hey guys, as you can see, this tutorial is a preview which is reserved to kenhub premium members.Why not become one today as a premium member, you will get access to this tutorial.

Carpal BonesAnatomy Practice

Carpal bonesanatomy practice,Practice the structure of the carpals until you have them memorized anatomy homeworkhelp skeletal system. Carpal wrist bones preview human anatomy kenhub,Watch the full tutorial available on our main website with kenhub premium skenhubentutorialscarpalbones find more tutorials at.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome repair surgery preop patient education,Preop this is a feature preop surgery tutorial 2010 medselfed inc your has recommended that you undergo hand surgery to treat. Bones of the hand preview human anatomy kenhub,Find more tutorials at skenhub subscribe to our youtube channel voeg2i this is a preview of the bones of the hand tutorial tutorial.

Carpal And Hand Bones Anatomy Tutorial

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