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Carpal Diem

Hi guys! this is cindy lietz, your polymer clay tutor in today’s studio tip, we’re going to do the Polymer Clay Tutor’s Favorite Tools and Supplies for 2015. Now, every year, I get a lot of new products and some older ones that come into my studio that I test and and spend some time with. Some are sent to me and some I buy myself but over time, I get a good feeling for what becomes my favorite what I what ends up staying out on the table, what I use the most.

And get a lot of questions about things after i’ve done a demo, a year later people will say oh so have you, you know are you still using that. So I thought I would do this every year at the end of the year. What my favorite products were and what I use the most this year so I’m going to go through a bunch of different things here, I’ve got 12 of them that I’d like to show you, a couple of them weren’t really bought last year but they haven’t really been include.

I used them a ton of time this year, that’s what i’m trying to say, ok, so the first one is my Kitchenaid Convection Oven. Now, it’s not sitting here because it would have been a pain to have try to haul it over to the spot besides, it was too big but I’ve already done a tutorial on it that you can go check out and I’ll make sure to put links to all of these different things in our description or the write ups that are with the tutorial because I’ve done tutorials on most of these, a couple.

I haven’t, but most of them i have, so you can check them out in better detail but the Kitchenaid Convection Oven, I love, I’ve used it absolutely tons this year, it’s exactly the right size for me, it’s big enough but not too small and it’s got it because the temperature has been absolutely consistent and I have put hours and hours on that machine every time I baked polymer clay, I put bake it for an hour so every single batch has been in there for you know, an hour and I’ve got hours and hours put through it and I love.

It still is staying consistent, it’s a beautiful machine so that is one of my favorites this year for sure. Another one that I got a lot of use out of this year is this We R Memory Keepers Glass Cutting Mat. Now, it was designed for the Scrapbooking Industry but it’s absolutely perfect for polymer clay, you can leave your raw polymer clay sitting on here and it’s not going to leach.

Out into anything because you know, it’s non porous, its being glass and there are a few things that I really love about this design first of all it’s a nice workable size, it is 13 inches by 13 inches, it’s got a great grid on here so you can cut some nice straight lines, because it’s glass it’s you can cut right on it with Exacto Blade or your tissue blades, clay knives and that kind of thing, cookie cutters, you can slide your blade underneath it along, it’s nice and smooth, you can use paints and inks and all kinds of stuff and.

Just clean it right up with a baby wipe. I love this machi this piece of glass is beautiful, done a tutorial on that as well another thing that I have loved this year is my Atlas 150 Wellness Pasta Machine, it has the anodized aluminum rollers which means that there’s no black streaking. I’ve had zero black streaking this whole entire year that I’ve had it. I haven’t seen and you have to kind of look underneath to see if there’s any clay build.

Up, i’ve had no clay build up from underneath. The gears have worked beautifully. Now, there have been a couple of people that I’ve I heard that have ordered these after seeing my tutorial last time and had a couple problems with it but in I think they’ve sent them back and got that rectified but I have absolutely loved my machine and had zero issues with it and have been very happy about that purchase.

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