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Carpal Hyperextension Cat

When I saw Cricket for the first time, I just knew that I had to be with him, and he had to be with me. I fell in love. He broke my heart seeing him with his little crooked legs. And he was not feeling very happy with himself.He was a tiny wee little puppy with splits on his legs. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see him suffering.Cricket came to us when he was about 2 months old, with a condition called carpal flexure deformity. And that is a condition where the bones grow at a faster rate than the tendinous support. The legs.

Bow out. He couldn’t put any weight on his legs. To a point where he couldn’t walk at all. It is a condition that affects puppies of large breeds. We took Xrays and sent him to specialists. We splintered his legs so at least he could walk. After a bit of time we took the splints off and he had physio. Slowly got better as the tendons were then able to grow and catch up with the bone growth. Now he’s just running around and jumping and chasing balls. Anything balled shaped that he can rip apart is his favourite thing to.

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