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Carpal Of Tunnel Of Love Lyrics

First things first I’m a Stylist Cut this and let the whole world see it And I’m still in the perming Business I can Roll It out Like I’m giving lessons in Physics If you Drop your Hair comb like this, Pick it up, Brush It off, barbicide it Cup of Bleach, Cup of Mousse, Cup of Clips, Highlights in the foils, carpal tunnel in my wrists In my wrists Take the flowbee throw it out , Never use that Big Bangs like we bringing 88 back What I can see you in a AStack Shampoo Spilling you should taste that.

I style Fancy, You already Know I use the Sharkfins they swivel Don’t you know I style Fancy, Cant you make this curl, With the round brush now you BLOW I say Davey I cut this I thought that you want this. Can’t stand the mustache and baby the truth is your mouth looks like Garbage I’m glad its departed Side Burns Or steps I’m so down in that Department I get that Hair off the Sides, then I clean up the Neckline I swear I use so much wax, My favorite kind is Rewind to get the hair up so high, Don’t forget to emulsify.

I just can’t worry bout no Haters Put the cut up online Now tell me who dat who dat That do dat do dat Teach you all about the hair I thought you knew that knew that I be the Hair 101 Put my name in bold I been working all day so I can change this fro I fade fancy, You already know I Taper the hair on the Occipital bone I fade fancy Can’t you fade this good Remember my name and you Could Trash the salon! Lets get drunk on the shampoo bar Make the Fo Hawk Feels so good getting what I want.

Iggy Azalea Fancy ft. Charli XCX Parody I Style Fancy

Ya Keep on cutting it up He’s got a unibrow, We need to wax Hurts Bad Yeah suck It up! It will be worth it You don’t get to touch! OW Vivids How you like that Got the whole world asking how I does that Apply with Gloves don’t tough that Look at it I bet you wishing you could brush that Its just the way you like it HUH Looks so good he’s wishing he could bite it HUH Never bite hair honey, Stay in the stomach never goes out the tummy.

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