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Carpal Tunnel Doctors Rochester Ny

My name is john kelly I’m a boardcertified orthopedic surgeonand I practice in Orange County California I did my undergraduate training at theUniversity of Notre Dame I did my medical school training atGeorgetown University in Washington DC I then completed my orthopedic trainingat USC School of Medicine in Los Angeles California I perform a wide variety of arthroscopicprocedures

arthroscopic surgery is a type of surgerywhere a very small camera is used to look insidea joint and repair the pathology within the patient’s joint arthroscopy can beperformed on shoulders elbows wrists hips knees and ankles excellent candidates for arthroscopicprocedures include active patients who wish to return to their activelifestyle some of the most common procedures performed are shoulder arthroscopy with rotator repair

and knee arthroscopy with anteriorcruciate ligament reconstruction arthroscopic surgery is a outpatient procedure done on aminimally invasive approach to allow a patient to return totheir active lifestyle as soon as possible arthroscopic procedureshave a very rapid recovery period most patients can return to their normalactivities within days to weeks we do things a little bit differently atthis surgery center we allow patients to come in the morning

spend one night and then go home thenext morning patients find recovery to be much better in their ownhomes they feel much more comfortable there rather than being at a .

On the Job Injuries and Compensation NY Attorney Jonathan Macri of Parker Waichman Explains

Did you know that if you were injured on thejob site and you brought a worker’s comp claim that there may still be other peopleor companies involved in your job site that you’re entitled to be in compensation from?Hi. My name is Jonathan Macri and I’m an attorney with Parker Waichman. And I’m hereto talk to you today a little bit about a topic that a lot of folks are a little bitunclear on, and it has to do with worker’s compensation and being injured on the jobsite. Now you’re watching this tutorial because you or someone you know has been injured onthe job. Likely, you may have already begun the steps to initiate a worker’s compensationclaim. And a lot of people think that that’s

the only avenue they can go down to seek compensationfor the injuries that they’ve sustained as a result of a workplace accident. But thelaw in New York is very specific that were certain types of accidents occur on a jobsite, the injured employee may be entitled to other compensation from other companiesor people at their job site – such as the owner of the building or the general contractoron the project. Now there are a lot of very specific laws in New York that detail whatthose scenarios are where people can seek elsewhere, other than just worker’s compto gain compensation. One example is what’s called an “elevation related hazard.â€�Now what is an elevation related hazard? Well,

let’s say you’re on a job site and youneed to do some kind of work that requires you to get up on a scaffold or a ladder. Andwhen you’re up on that scaffold or you’re up on that ladder, you fall off of it to theground below and you hurt yourself. Or let’s take another example. Let’s say that youare lifting things on the job site via some kind of pulley system and something goes wrongand something falls and hits you. Those are scenarios that would qualify as an elevationrelated hazard. Because either you or some object fell from a distance and you were injuredas a result of that fall. Now in those types of scenarios you may be entitled to compensationfrom those other companies involved in your

job site. Such as – like I said – theowner of the building, the general contractor, or a host of other folks. Now, I’m sureyou still have a lot of questions about if your specific case qualifies under one ofthese specific New York laws and here’s what I’d like you to do. I want you to giveme a call because I have the answer to these questions and I deal with these things everyday. Again, my name is Jonathan Macri and here at Parker Waichman, we deal with constructionrelated accidents that involve elevation related hazards and a lot of other types of hazardsthat occur on the job site – every day of the week. So once again, my name is JonathanMacri. I’d love to hear from you and thanks

again for watching.

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