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Carpal Tunnel Exercise Chart

The Handmaster Plus is the most complete, convenient and costeffective hand exercise and warm up product in the market today. It strengthens the nine muscles that open the hand as well as the nine muscles that close the hand, all in one easy continuous exercise. Begin by placing the thumb loop on the base of your thumb. When handling the loop, be sure to use the placement tabs. Next, place the finger loops between the knuckles of each finger. Simply reverse this order when removing. To begin the main exercise, keep your wrist straight and squeeze against the ball for.

A count of one. Next, open and spread against the cord for a count of one. Notice that the hand moves through its full natural range of motion. This creates healthy muscles, strong fingers and thumb, a stable carpal tunnel, balanced forearm and elbow, and maximum blood flow to all the joints and tissues. The Handmaster Plus can also be used to strengthen the outside of the forearm and elbow such as in tennis elbow cases Start by squeezing against the ball for a count of one. Keeping the thumb on the ball,.

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