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Carpal Tunnel Gel Wrist Rest

Hi, I am Kelly with Ochimp and today I am going to be talking about this Fellowes Gliding Palm Support. Now this Palm Support comes with a nifty mouse pad the one I am showing you today is in this nice blue color but this item is available in a variety of colors and you can use the Gliding Palm Support with or without the mouse pad. Now this Palm Support has several notable features. The first is that it has the patented HealthV channel that helps relieve wrist pressure and also helps to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Now.

I don’t monkey around when it comes to wrist support so this feature is important to someone like me who uses my computer and my mouse all day. Another great feature about this is that it has the Microban Technology which is antimicrobial protection that helps to fight the growth of mold, mildew, and any stain and odour causing bacteria. Now this Palm Support also has an extended size that will fit any size hand and keep it in a nice neutral position. It’s also made of this nice gel material that’s soft against your palm.

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