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Carpal Tunnel Knitting Gloves

About Hi! This is Kristen, with GoodKnitKisses, and, I’m here today with my friends, at allfreeknitting, to show you some basic stitches on the loom. Right now, I’m showing you a stockinette stitch, or, an ewrap stitch which is very popular and really the most basic with the looms it comes with the instructions. Right now I’m showing you two strands together with this stockinette, or, ewrap stitch. I’m going to use the same loom that I used to make this stitch and this one’s got two strands just to show you how thick that you can.

Get it to make it tight. But I’m going to just use one strand for tutorial purposes so you can see how it is working up, and you can see the strands much better. I’m going to put this down and we’ll come back to it, but, before I do, I just wanted to show you what a regular knit stitch looks like next to it. So you can see this is kind of a looser stitch if you like something tighter and more uniform, ah, you might choose this. I didn’t try and make this.

Looser, this is just how the stitch works up. In contrast to with a purl stitch, which is what this is here, so you can see the three sort of side by side you’ve got the stockinette, the regular knit, and then the purl. So let’s get started, I’ll put this down, and I’ll see you in a moment. Okay I’m going to just use the single strand as I said that you can also use this nice little bulky number five if you just want to use one strand which is really.

How to Loom Knit Beginner E wrap ew Stitch now with CC

Bulky and good for the wide gauge of a loom. Let’s get started by making a slip knot. I’m just gonna start by taking this back loop over the front and put it over my finger again and making a slip knot. I’m just going to put this on the loom and go five or six pegs put the, this tail inside the loom. Your work is going to go inside your loom and the front side, the part that falls facing you is going to be the the front of your work.

So whatever you see when you’re stitches start coming out that’s what your work is going to look like the stitch that were making. You can cast on in any way and the ewrap stitch is best to just do everything ewrapped, and you can combine this with other stitches. What we’re going to do is take our yarn and put it behind the peg going back around the front and wrapping around again so it creates this little e, that’s why it’s called the ewrap. And we’re going to take it again, go under.

And over, and back. Do it one more time, another time, and, we’ll go one more time here. Now, we’ve wrapped all the way around, and we want to come back through our work. I’m going to actually make this is a slip stitch so it’s not going to go away from my work but, um, now I’m going to come back on the inside of this peg here, and go back around to the back. So we’re just working our way across to get all the way back to the front, ok.

And then once we have those there, we’re just gonna hold this for a moment, grab our knitting tool, and instead of going to the first one to knit over, knitting over is just the process of taking the lower the lower strand over the top strand, we’re going to go to this one here with the last working strand was wrapped and we’re going to flip this over here. What that does is it just going to lock our work up and then that way you don’t have to worry about it unraveling or popping, else you’re going to.

Have to anchor it down somehow. And this is just a lot easier, so I’m just taking these loops on the bottom and pulling them over the top, This is called knitting over so you do several strands at once. So now I have done all of my knitting on here and this row is done. We can mark that off, and now we’re going to just go to the next one, wrap that, and this is row two. Just continuing to wrap this and now I’m on this end, I’m gonna hold that and I am going to knit this last one over.

And now my work is locked and my hands are free. You could set this down go into the kids, or the coffee, or the husband or the cat, or whoever you like! But that’s what’s really nice about this knitting loom, is that you can just put it down and go not have to worry about it if you’ve got problems with your hands. Um, I started this instead of regular knitting because of carpal tunnel. So, now I’m starting on row three were just gonna back around and keep.

Going. So it works up really fast it can become addicting and this is a lot of fun. Loom knitting’s also really easy for kids, especially this stitch right here. I mean little kids really enjoy this. My daughter is four, and, she actually helped me make a little hat for her baby brother. I say helped me, she did most of it and then I finished off the hat. I actually got her started on it and finish off the hat and also put a pompom on. So this right here.

Is kind of showing, this is the back here but showing you what few of these, um, rows are starting to look like. So as you can see if you are used to regular knitting this is going pretty fast. And then you just keep going back and forth as long as you need. You can use the whole loom, or you can use a portion of the loom you can actually go around in a circle if you wish, and make it a tube. You can actually go start here,.

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