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Carpal Tunnel Pain Entire Arm

Hi. I’m Theresa Murphy with Expert Village and in this clip, we’re going to do the cow face arm stretch. So this is an arm position that’s half of another pose, gomukhasana. And go being cow and mukha being face. And so the position we make with the arms is sort of like one cow ear. So you’ll begin the stretch by lifting one elbow up to the ceiling. You can use the opposite hand for help. And when you take that elbow up, make sure that the rib cage doesn’t spill forward. If you allow the rib cage to jut forward,.

You’ve taken the stretch out of the shoulder. So if we can contain the rib cage, front rib softened down, but still work that elbow up to vertical, then you’re going to get the stretch in the triceps where we need it. And then the opposite hand, we’ll slide behind, and you grab fingers and enjoy the stretch. Now this can be nearly impossible for most people, so props are always super helpful. You would just take the tail end of the belt in the upper hand, dangle it behind you, and grab the belt with the lower hand. You can.

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