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Carpal Tunnel Specialist In Dallas Tx

It’s a call that’s telling me I’m here to serve. It’s a need to make a difference in the world. 24 hours day or night these healing hands will make it right. Looking in their eyes I know that I’m changing lives, changing lives, changing lives for the better, for the better, changing lives. And hi again everyone, Jim Knox along with Kandace Krueger and welcome back to another edition of the Best Docs Network which of course features some of the best doctors in the Dallas, Fort Worth area that helped change people’s lives. They certainly.

Do, and we’ll start off with our first best doctor, it’s neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Cattorini. About ten years ago I was having a lot of shoulder pain and I had seen several doctors prior to that and they told me that I had a problem at C67 and I was looking at surgery and a possible spinal fusion. So I called my friend who works in critical care and I said who’s the best neurosurgeon out there and she gave me Jeffrey Cattorini’s name. So I went to him and he said your symptoms don’t fit your MRI, your MRI is wrong and.

I had seen four previous physicians prior to that and Dr. Cattorini is the one that caught it. I get emotional. One of the procedures we offer here in the practice is insertion of a cervical artificial disk. We see patients be aged 20 to 55 who have a soft tissue disk herniation or one level disk disease and they typically present with one sided neck pain and arm pain. He came and sat right down next to me and he showed me the artificial disk and the way it worked and the way he would screw it in and I said you know what, that’s.

Best Docs Network Dallas Fort Worth May 19 2013

A metal disk ball and joint, that makes sense to me. You know I didn’t like the idea of pulling bone out of my joint or out of my hip and then fusing my neck and I have limited range of motion. That just didn’t make sense. The good thing about the artificial disk is it’s not restricting movement. It’s keeping movement and there’s no need for a cervical collar postop or there’s no need for a bone or stimulator postop because you do not want to promote a fusion. And I woke up from surgery the pain that I had had for over a year was.

Gone and I just bawled. So right after the surgery I was out there playing tennis immediately with absolutely no pain. Best decision of my life. Nancy did great postop, she returned to her activities. She’s actually referred friends from out of state for the artificial disk and she’s very happy with the result and she’s got great range of motion. Go to a neurosurgeon, they’re meticulous and especially go to Dr. Jeffrey Cattorini because he’s outstanding. When patients come in to see me to talk about pain management one of the first things we’re.

Going to talk about is how are they managing their pain. If they’re in pain then they’re not going to have a good quality of life. That’s why I became a pain management physician to return patients to a better quality of life and give them pain freedom. The first treatment process really is just listening and then educating and then physical exam. Oftentimes we’re taking some xrays to make sure how much arthritis a patient may have, if they had any previous fractures and sometimes especially with the back of the neck they.

May have had a fracture and they were never told. Then we’ll talk about if we need to do anymore further imaging, some more complex imaging or if we have to do any electrical studies to find out if they have any nerve damage. We’ll talk about if they have any instability and then we’ll talk about how we correct and treat that. There’s so many medications, it just runs the gamut. There are over the counter antiinflammatories which are fine, there are prescribed antiinflammatories, mild narcotics, heavier narcotics, neuromodulating medications or medications that decrease the irritability of nerves, different medications.

That are transdermal that go through the skin that can help out with some of their pain as well so it’s sort of a rainbow of different medications that we can give. Oftentimes patients will be taking medications and they can become frustrated with that and they’re looking for something that lasts longer and that’s when we start talking about doing injections for them. Epidural injections, nerve blocks, facet injections and that can help out with decreasing their pain for a longer period of time. While somewhat more invasive it’s still very, very.

Safe, very fast to do and can give up to weeks to months of relief. Our ultimate goal is to give people pain freedom to go out and about and do their normal activities and really enjoy life again. We are one million strong. We are united behind a cure. There are over one million colorectal cancer survivors in the United States. My name is Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum and I’m in this fight against colorectal cancer because it actually hits pretty close to my family. My fatherinlaw was diagnosed with it and the thing about.

This disease is it is preventable. And so I encourage everybody to go get screened, let’s beat this thing. If you’ve had a doctor help change your life we’d love to hear about it. Send us an email at infobestdocsnetwork. As always for more information on any of the doctors you’ve seen on today’s show, just visit our website, bestdocsnetwork. Now let’s get to know our next best doctor, it’s Dr. Paul Worrell. I was having a lot of deep congestion, sneezing, nose bleeds and severe headaches and we found out that Dr. Worrell.

Now has an allergist in his office. So when I spoke with him he gave me time to go down and talk with the allergist and then I started talking to him about my symptoms. Typically people will have allergies that show themselves in a similar pattern at the same time each year if they’re seasonally related. Sometimes environmental allergens will show themselves as part of their history in terms of if they’re allergic to dust or if they’re around dogs or cats and so after we question the patient appropriately and do the appropriate exam.

Then we go ahead and if the patient is inclined to do so, send them down to our allergy lab here in the office. I was given the allergy test so I got about 15 needles in both arms and realized I’m really allergic to pollen and mold and ragweed and that’s why I was coming to Dr. Worrell so consistently and why I was not able to breathe and had these bad nosebleeds. Questions are given to determine if they are good candidates for testing and desensitization and then they proceed with a procedure that takes about thirty minutes.

And during that time the 48 top allergens in the area are tested on skin testing. The results are measured out and the determination is made whether they are a good candidate. The first steps that we have to go through, I got to come in the first week and I have to get my first round of shots and so I get a shot in my left and my right arm. So my first visit the allergist gives me the shot and then the second visit I give myself the.

Shot. Eventually I’m just going to have to come into the doctor’s office just to get my meds and then take them home and give myself my shots and so I’m going to probably take these shots for about a year. Usually within a few months they’ll be having significant relief of their allergies and then we continue that on for as long as two maybe even three years. My relationship with Dr. Worrell, first of all I love him. He’s definitely one that explains everything to you. He’s really friendly, his staff is friendly. I really trust him.

When he tells me anything that’s going on with me. I just can’t see myself going anywhere else. I really enjoy coming to him. High cholesterol is a major problem in this country as well as in many countries around the world. High cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis, blockage of arteries that affect many organs throughout our bodies. So how can we effectively treat high cholesterol There are medications, but sometimes medications can cause multiple problems for patients, multiple side effects, muscle pain, weakness, breakdown of muscles, liver dysfunction to name just a few. So, we know that natural has always been the best and.

We look for natural therapy with regard to cholesterol reduction. There is something that we use called Bios Life Slim which is a fiber product created at Stanford University about twenty years ago to treat high cholesterol in those patients who are intolerant to medications. It’s been there for twenty years but not many people know about it. We use it in our practice and we’ve taught many doctors how to use this effectively to lower cholesterol. LDL is lowered by 30 percent, triglycerides lowered by about 50 percent, so ask your doctor about Bios.

Life Slim. Look for it, it’s an amazing therapy and it will help you to change your life. Prosthodontics is the name of the specialty and it’s one of nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. It’s a specialty that requires three years of additional training at a dental school level. It’s three years dedicated to the specialty of prosthodontics which is reconstructive dentistry including dental implants, crowns and bridges, dentures and partials, some TMJ treatment and other small areas of dental reconstruction that most people will never need. A typical patient that finds our practice has needs ranging.

From fillings all the way up to full mouth reconstruction. We handle everything in house. By having everything in house we have total control of patient outcomes and that’s our main goal here is to have fantastic outcomes. One of the biggest strengths of my practice is the amount of time we spend with each patient. It’s all about education here. Every new patient is scheduled for one hour and we go through their complete diagnosis, their treatment plan and we attempt to educate them on all the options that are available. And it’s one.

Of the things that I enjoy the most about my practice is getting to know the patient and helping them understand their problems but also giving them several different options on how to fix their problems. We often have multiple try ins so that we don’t just make the patient look good but we make them look fantastic because we have taken the time to pick the right tooth size, tooth shape and tooth color that fits their complexion and their facial shape. Another way that my practice significantly departs from common implant.

Treatment is that I do everything myself. I do the planning, I do the surgery, I do the teeth. It’s all me and my hands fabricating the restorations for the patient. There’s not a laboratory technician that comes in during the procedure and no one else touches the patients care except me. We’re committed to patients having long term success so we do provide all phases of services including cleanings and maintenance. Often I frustrate my patients because I’m so picky about their outcome that we sometimes have to make changes.

Or we have to redo the restoration if I’m not satisfied with it. But it’s important to me that we get it just right for every patient whether it takes extra time or not. As always for more information on any of the doctors you’ve seen on today’s show, just visit our website, it’s bestdocsnetwork. That is definitely the place to go. Now, Kandace, the place to go is our next best doctor, it’s Dr. Philip Swanson. Before I went to see Dr. Swanson, I had just had a baby. I was 26 and found out that I had gout. Woke up one day.

And couldn’t walk. My feet hurt horribly and went to my doctor and she ran some tests and it came back that that’s what the problem was and she told me that basically the easiest way to get rid of it was to lose weight. Meghan is a relatively young girl who was significantly overweight. She was in her twenties and she didn’t have diabetes or high blood pressure but she knew that she was in trouble because of her weight. She did have gout and that causes joint pains and flares up when you eat certain things and we know that doing.

Weight loss surgery can help that so she was real interested in not only being able to be more physically active but also in helping out with those joint problems that she had. Well, I was 250 pounds so when I went to see Dr. Swanson he said that I was actually a really good candidate for the weight loss surgery and we talked about which procedure I’d want and discussed what insurance would cover and decided that the gastric bypass procedure was the best thing for me to do. So she had a gastric bypass and she’s just.

Done really well with that. She’s still relatively early in the game and is continuing to lose weight but she’s done very well. Since the surgery especially now that I’ve lost so much weight, energy levels are through the roof. As far as my gout goes, I have been symptom free since surgery. I haven’t had any issues at all. I came off all the medications I was taking. The overall experience with this has been very positive. It’s not easy, it takes a huge commitment to stick to it. When I see the results I have, I wouldn’t change it.

I wouldn’t go back and do anything different that I have. How do you know if you have a stomach ulcer A lot of people have heartburn, but what’s the difference between simple heartburn and a stomach ulcer First of all stomach ulcers are very serious. These are little erosions or scooped out areas in the stomach where the acid has eaten a hole. These can bleed and cause lots of problems. You’ll know they’re bleeding if you have black bowel movements. That generally is the color of blood as it runs through your intestines and the acid.

Changes it to a black color. But how do you know if you have an ulcer instead of just heartburn Here’s how, first of all when you’re hungry you’ll get a little gnawing pain at the pit of your stomach, just up at the top of your stomach. Once you eat, then the food in there absorbs the acid and then you quit hurting and then about two hours later when the food gets out of your stomach, the acid’s still there a little bit to help digest, then you’ll get pain again. So you get discomfort when you’re hungry, you eat it gets better.

And then it gets a little worse a couple of hours later, that’s usually an ulcer. Now there are blood tests for ulcers and even breath tests for ulcers and there is great treatment, so check it out if you have those kinds of symptoms but don’t worry about just plain heartburn, just eat less pizza or whatever makes your heartburn. For additional Medical Minutes from Dr. Honaker, logon to bestdocsnetwork, click on Education and the Medical Minute tab. What we do here is called a dermatapathology laboratory, it’s a special type of laboratory.

Where we look at skin biopsies, specimens primarily. We get a few other things but the vast majority of what we get are skin biopsy specimens. We see a large number of cases on a daily basis so we see just about everything in the textbook over the course of a year. By helping him, it allows him to do more and read more cases, be available to more physicians while I do some more of the little stuff. We have kind of an integrated approach where in the mornings you know we come in and we look at the slides first you know, this is.

A 24 hour operations labs. The slides are available at 4 in the morning even if you want to come in that early and sometimes we do. Then when he comes in, he reviews the slides and we’re there with him so he gets an opportunity to see what our impressions were and you learn, he can kind of give you an idea of whether you were on base and doing it correctly, or if you needed a little more work. As dermatology residents, we come to Dr. Cockerell’s lab every week, sometimes multiple times a week where he teaches us.

At the microscope his specialty dermatapathology for which he’s a world expert so it’s a great opportunity. The fellows are a very good resource for us. They help us with some of the mundane type of tasks that have to be done in the laboratory but they’re also very creative and we work together on a number of projects. We’ve published papers, textbooks, many articles together. We’ve actually done some significant research work that’s been published in major scientific journals with some of the fellows over the years. It’s an honor to work with.

Dr. Cockerell. He is one of the best if not the best in his specialty. As a person he has an amazing ability to recall information in a short amount of time. We consider him to be the walking bible of dermatapathology. It’s been an invaluable opportunity to learn from someone who is not only world famous in his field, but a phenomenal teacher and physician. I think they learn from me, but certainly I enjoy interacting with them and I learn things from them too. For more information on any of the outstanding doctors you see.

On today’s show, head to the website, bestdocsnetwork. Right now it’s time to take an up close look at our next best doctor, it’s orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Robert Myles. In spine surgery one of the main surgeries that we use has been the spinal fusion. The spinal fusion has been done for many years and one of the things that we do with the spinal fusion is is that we are trying to make two pieces of bone fuse together. Stem cell research has allowed us to create a fusion without taking actual bone tissue from the body. What that.

Does, it makes it so that you don’t have to have an additional incision and you don’t have to deal with the postoperative problems that are associated with a bone graft. What we do to obtain the stem cells is we actually place a needle into the iliac crest rather than doing a large incision. We draw out the bone marrow that’s rich in the stem cells and then we take that and then spin it down. We then collect the stem cells and place that in the area where we want the fusion to occur with additional bone. What this allows is,.

What this changes is that we now don’t have to make a big incision which can be painful after the surgery or be deformed after the surgery. Once we’ve collected the stem cells from the iliac crest and we’ve concentrated them and spun them down we will place them on a piece of bone like this. Basically there’s different types of bone that we use and this is what we call cancellous bone graft. And then we’ll place the stem cells in there and place this actually in the area that we want to fuse. This is a piece of allo stem. This.

Is stem cells that have been collected from fat cells and they’ve been placed inside a bone matrix. They’re attached to actual pieces of bone. They come to us frozen in the operating room and I take it and I thaw it out and then I place this bone into the area where I want the fusion to occur. Now this has the stem cells impregnated in it so these stem cells will actually turn into bone over time. This is called osteogenesis or bone formation. Basically the stem cell develops into a bone formation cell called an osteoblast. That.

Cell then develops into an osteocyte which is the mature cell. So basically what this stem cell does, it takes a lot of these cells and drives them toward forming osteocytes which form the bone which causes fusion to occur. Our goal is to obtain pain freedom with stem cell technology. We’re all different, we like different things but one thing nobody likes is pain especially when it keeps us from doing the things we love. Luckily PAMA is here. Whether it’s back pain, carpal tunnel, foot and ankle pain or more, PAMA physicians.

Are dedicated to their specialties and dedicated to your quality of life. Don’t let pain keep you from doing the things you love. PAMA, pain freedom. We treat a lot of various diseases that have chronic pain and musculoskeletal pain is one of the big categories. Within the category of musculoskeletal pain, you have people that have fibromyalgia, lots of other directly related skeletal problems and one of the more controversial diseases that you have is chronic Lyme disease. I had been experiencing pain from my head to my toes and I had been to numerous doctors and I knew there had to be something different, something.

Better because I knew I couldn’t live this way and I did not know what the pain was. I found Dr. Shaw in 2002. During our first visit he asked me where my pain was and I said there is not a place in my body that I do not hurt and he said well fibromyalgia you don’t hurt from head to toe. He said have you ever been tested for Lyme disease Gloria had several problems. She had the myofascial pain, she had joint pain, still does. She had what we call neuromatosis. She had some nerves operated on because of pain. She had.

Severe headaches and some of her headaches are vascular, some are migraine. I get to visit my family that live in Oklahoma. I can make an occasional car trip. I can do things that I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to do again. He listens to every ache and pain you have and because of the medications and his treatment plan we have got to where I am today. Several years after we started treating Gloria, one day she came in all smiles and she said for the last two weeks, I’ve not hurt at all. In someone that’s had chronic.

Pain for years, it’s an incredible miracle. During my visits with Dr. Shaw, one of the things that we have discussed is not only mentally but physically to achieve pain freedom and each visit I feel like we are getting closer and closer to that objective. If you’ve had a doctor help change your life we’d love to hear about it. Send us an email at infobestdocsnetwork. For addition health information, be sure to check out our Healthy Living blog for the best tips, latest medical procedures and up to date news for modern medicine at our website.

At bestdocsnetwork. I’m a veteran. I’ve had 13 years active duty experience and been to the point a couple of times. My first concussion was, I jumped out of airplanes in airborne school. I hit my head pretty good and then in Iraq shortly thereafter I was leading my platoon of infantry soldiers and on the mission we had our lead vehicle hit by a roadside bomb. The shock of the explosion caused me to have a concussion and didn’t lose consciousness that time but had kind of some fogginess for a while. My third concussion was when I had.

Gotten home I was doing a hand to hand combat course and got hit pretty good and actually lost consciousness for twenty minutes. One of the problems that we’re treating here at Texas Sports Hyperbarics is concussions and traumatic brain injury. And it is used to increase the blood flow to the brain and there is good evidence that the increased oxygen that you get while in the hyperbaric chamber increases or speeds the healing of brain tissue. I just started noticing over the past few years several episodes of what I call fogginess,.

Just where I can’t concentrate as well. I’ve even noticed times where songs that I’ve sung hundreds, sometimes thousands of times, I’ll forget the lyrics right in the middle of the song. Luckily about a year ago, I met the folks here at Texas Sports Hyperbarics and they told me that they’re doing research on veterans that have dealt with serious concussion issues, so I started coming to treatments. It has been used for many years to treat traumatic brain injury and there’s an increasing number of studies out there that show that it is.

Very successful in helping people with both post concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injuries recover from the trauma to their brain. I’ve noticed ever since on a significant increase in my ability to focus, my ability to remember. I don’t forget lyrics nearly as much anymore and just in general just interacting on an everyday basis. That fogginess that prevents me from being able to have a normal life is gone. It would be neat if veterans knew that hey if you’ve had concussions, if you have, you come home and you’re having.

Issues trying to focus, having issues remembering even the little things, you know, there’s help and that’s something that I think everybody should know. All veterans should know they don’t have to live with the effects of war. That’ll do it, that’ll wrap up another edition of the Best Docs Network which of course, Kandace, features some of the best doctors in the Dallas, Fort Worth area that helped change people’s lives. And don’t forget for more information on any of the doctors you’ve seen on today’s show, visit our website, bestdocsnetwork.

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