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Carpal Tunnel Specialist Michigan

A common question that I often get in the office is Can NUCCA Chiropractic help with my Carpal Tunnel symptoms Well, let’s talk about Carpal Tunnel for a little bit. Carpal Tunnel is a specific issue that happens in the wrist. It causes numbing and tingling in the fingers. Carpal Tunnel like symptoms can come from the wrist, the elbow, the shoulder or the neck. The 2 most common places that I see are the wrist and the neck. If the problem is coming from the wrist, then there are surgeries that can help.

But, if it is coming from the neck, and you have the surgery on the wrist, well you might as well have the surgery on your ankle, because the issue is not coming from the wrist in this case. The nerves that come out of the bottom of the neck go into the Brachial Plexus and it sends off three main nerves down the arm. If one of those nerves is irritated coming out of the neck, that can send numbing and tingling down into the hand that can feel like Carpal Tunnel symptoms. Often times what.

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