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Carpal Tunnel Splint Xs

Aircast SP Walker As worn by Wayne Rooney, the Aircast SP Walker is an ideal choice for healing foot and ankle injuries. This short pneumatic walking brace can be used instead of a standard plaster cast following a sprained ankle, joint injury and fractures to the ankle, metatarsal, fibula cuboid and talus. The hard plastic shell provides immobilization but unlike a plaster cast the Aircast SP Walker is lighter in weight, much more comfortable and convenient. It features two aircells within the shell which can be inflated or deflated using the aircast hand pump for a total connect fit.

The added compression this provides reduces swelling and helps to quicken rehabilitation. Putting on the SP Walker is easy, simply undo the two Velcro straps, lift off the upper shell and place the foot inside the cushioned interior. The upper shell can then be fitted back into position over the foot and ankle and the Velcro straps adjusted for a personalized fit. A nonslip sole on the surface of the boot means you can walk around with peace of mind. But, the real beauty of the Aircast SP Walker is it can also.

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