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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Failure Rate

GtgtgtDr. Papandrea When I am discussing carpal tunnel surgery with the patient one of the most common questions I get ask is will I need to have it done again. I know somebody who had carpal tunnel they had to have it done again. There are often stories like that a patient relates and honestly it is pretty uncommon for carpal tunnel syndrome to come back or to not be successfully treated with carpal tunnel surgery, but there are rare cases where that does happen. On occasion we will see a patient in the office.

Who had carpal tunnel surgery done many years previous, 20 years previous, and indeed they actually have it come back. That is an uncommon occurrence. And even probably less common then that, is the patient has had a carpal tunnel release and the problems come back quickly or maybe they never go away. I have seen a few patients where they had a carpal tunnel surgery, done either by myself or another surgeon, and it was done the right way, but there was enough scarring, healing response, the nerve is stuck down and the.

Nerve is still irritated. And in those rare cases, carpal tunnel surgery can be done again and when that is done the second time, personally, I would like to usually do what is called a fat pad or hypothenar fat pad and that really moves some tissue from underneath the hand, underneath the skin here to cover the nerve and in those cases I have seen very good responses from the that secondary redo carpal tunnel surgery. So redo or revision carpal tunnel surgery is very uncommon, but if necessary usually successful.

Risk of Carpal Tunnel Recurrence

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