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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Montreal

Hi, I’m Theresa Murphy on behalf of Expert Village, and in this clip we’ll be talking about moving each finger individually. So, still working with the hand and working each finger individually is going to help benefit not only the hand itself and the bones and joints and muscles of the hand, but also again tapping into the connection with the thumb the next finger to the collarbone the pinkie to the heart and the other three fingers that dive right directly into the shoulder socket. So, you can move each finger independently.

Of the others in a stretching fashion. And I’m supporting from the underside with my thumb. I’m making this look easy. I have quite a bit of range in my hands because this is something that I do weekly if not almost daily. Important is the thumb, right, because he’s always in this position. So this thenar muscle really needs to get a stretch. And you can see, when you come out of these stretches, how red the hand gets because we’re generating some good circulation. So, it gets flushed with blood. It feels really good.

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