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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time 2015

What the surgical establishment doesn’t want you to know about minimally invasive carpal tunnel release! Thread carpal tunnel release is as effective as open surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome and surgery can mean weeks of recovery and physical therapy. Why is that It’s because carpal tunnel surgery hasn’t changed in more than 30 years. Sure, endoscopic release using a telescope has been employed but the fact of the matter is that only a few surgeons in the entire world are skilled enough to accomplish this without any side effects and complications.

The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to outcomes with carpal tunnel surgery. So here’s the question Do you want to be a statistic The search has been to find ways to treat this condition without subjecting the patient to surgery and the attendant risks of general anesthesia. A recent technological advance has arrived. It has been shown in carefully performed cadaver studies to provide the exact release of the transverse carpal ligament as open surgery but without many of the potential complications. The Guo thread carpal tunnel release uses.

A metal impregnated thread and ultrasound guidance to create a gentle, precise cut. Local anesthetic only is used. Recovery time is shortened and potential complications, while they can occur as with any invasive procedure, are minimized. So you might be asking is this technique 100 effective. And the answer is quite simply no. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome have problems at various stages. Some early and some late. Late patients regardless of what procedure they have do not do as well as patients who are seen earlier. And, for no apparent reason, some people may.

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