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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Stitches

You know, at some point in life, many of us will receive stitches or sutures due to an injury of some type or laceration. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I want to talk about is how to properly care for stitches or sutures. The first step in caring for stitches or sutures is to have them remain dry for at least the first twentyfour hours. If they get wet from bathing or showering they should be dried off quickly after the bath or the shower has taken place. Some type of antibiotic ointment could be dabbed onto the stitch area.

With a cotton ball or other type of applicator device. Work from the middle of the wound to the outer areas of the wound, checking for unusual redness or pus droplets that may form at the stitch site area. Also, any type of sickly odor in that general region could be a sign that secondary infection has occurred. If this happens, return to the hospital emergency room or your doctor’s office to seek treatment. Again, the key is keeping stitches dry, and applying some type of antibacterial ointment to the stitch area until removal of those.

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