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Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Neck And Shoulder Pain

In this clip we’re going to talk about neckand shoulders, and some exercises that you can do to release the tension in your neckand shoulders, which will eventually help in through your arms. Again, I’m just goingto talk about what we look like, and then this is kind of what we look like when weget out of our desk after eight hours, and so we want actually to counteract all of that.Your shoulders are going to be back and down, and bring your hands to your lap, and youcan actually do all of this in a chair. You’re going to drop your head, tuck in towards yourchest. Be careful here, don’t have your shoulders rolled up, you want your shoulders rolledup and back, and you want to be able to have

your neck be nice and long, your spine niceand long in the back. So, when you drop your chin in towards your chest, you should feelthe stretch in through your neck and your shoulders here. So you just take a few deepbreaths, and as you inhale, you can even just slightly bring your shoulders up, just slightly,and as you exhale, you release and you really feel the stretch through your neck and yourshoulders, and you take two more breaths, inhale and exhale and one more deep breathin exhaling. And then you want to go over to the side. So you want to drop your headacross to one side, and here you’re going to actually take your opposite hand, whateverhand that is and drop your fingers down towards

the floor in the opposite direction. So hereactually you should feel the stretch all the way from the base of your skull, all the waydown through your neck and all the way to your shoulders. You may even feel it on tothe outside of your shoulder here. So take in two more deep breaths, you inhale and youexhale. One more deep breath, and reach all the way through your fingertips here, so youshould feel it almost halfway down your upper arm, inhale and exhale. Come across to theother side; drop your chin in towards your chest, coming across to the other side, oppositefingers out. Inhale, deep breathe in through your nose when you’re breathing and exhaleout through your nose when you’re breathing.

Here you’re working, again, your shoulderaway from your ear. You inhale, and exhale another deep breath, and release. Throughyour fingertips, stretching your fingers in the opposite direction, one more breath in,exhale. Then you roll your head just back to center, you drop your hand down towardsyour lap. You inhale your head up towards the ceiling, and rolling your shoulders upand back.

Top 3 Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is the Top 3 Exercises for Carpal TunnelSyndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome involves a nerve called the median nerve.The median nerve starts at C5 to T1 which is right here. So about the middle lower partof your neck. The nerve travels down your arm, down the front of your arm, in frontyour elbow and into the hand. It innervates or gives sensation to the thumb, index finger,middle finger and half of the ring finger. So that is your median nerve. That is the nervethat is problematic in carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is right here.So carpal means wrist bones. There is actually a little tunnel formed with a littlesheath over top where that median nerve goes

through. People with carpal tunnel syndromewhat they will see is they will have numbness in that area. Then this area righthere in the thumb is called the thenar eminence, that area will begin wasting away.What happens is frequently that is becoming pinched here. Also what can happenis you can get pressure on the median nerve in the neck, in this area right hereespecially with an elevated first rib. It can also happen down the arm as well. So these arethe top 3 exercises that we do for carpal tunnel syndrome. Frequent problems are this.This movement right here. If that is painful or causes numbness or tingling intoyour hands especially into this area, that is

carpal tunnel. That is called Phalen’s orreverse Phalen’s test. Exercise 1 that we do for carpal tunnel syndrome.To stretch the median nerve, you do palm up, hand down, elbow straight. Youshould feel a stretch right through here. Then what you can do is take your ear to theopposite shoulder. So you head is going away from you hand. In the we do a30 second hold. As people get more advanced, they put their hand on the walland lean the opposite way. 30 second hold, 3 times. Another thing that we do is a something calleda median nerve release and it goes like this: Hand stretched out, make a fist, first.Hold it for 5 seconds. Hand out straight,

hold 5 seconds. Make almost like a puppetposition, hold 5 seconds. Palm up, hold 5 seconds. Reach underneath, grab the thumb,pull back, hold 5 seconds. That is exercise 2. Frequently we will have peoplego through that 2 or 3 times. Exercise 3 is called a first rib stretch.What we do is this: we take a towel, if I have carpal tunnel on the right side, and I havesome sort of tightness right here in what is called the brachial plexus but basically righthere, this area. If somebody has carpal tunnel and they are going like this a lotespecially if they are a rightsided sleeper, this is an area that we want to address. You can getcarpal tunnel symptoms from pressure

on the median nerve right here. It is frequentlymissed even with an xray or an MRI. What we do is we put the towel directly onthis area which your first rib is right here. The towel is over top of your shoulder, pulldown, one arm in the front, one hand in the back. Then you lean the opposite direction.You are going to feel a really nice stretch right through here. In the here, wedo a 30 second hold, 3 times. That is the top 3 exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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