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Thanks for visiting. I’m David Beadle. Today, I’m going to show you how easy it is to buy the M BRACE RCA directly from Amazon as well as how to find more information about my carpal tunnel wrist brace and why it works so well to eliminate wrist pain. All you need to do is click on the picture of the M BRACE RCA at the top of my home page and you will be taken directly to my Amazon listing on Amazon As you will see just below the price information, Amazon handles order.

Fulfillment. This means free Super Saver Shipping is available. And in the blue section in the upper right corner, Amazon has a checkbox if you are an Amazon prime member and desire free twoday shipping. As with most Amazon purchases, all you need to do is click on the big yellow Add to Cart button to begin the familiar checkout process. If you want more information about my product before making a purchase, the place to click is on the blue lettering where the upper section of the listing says Sold by WristPainCom..

In the upper right corner of the new page, you will see in orange lettering the words About Seller and by clicking on the blue words read more you will be taken to what Amazon calls my storefront page. The top article is the one about My Wrist Pain Battle which explains how i came to list my product for sale on Amazon after experiencing severe wrist pain during the mid1990s. As you scroll further down the page, you’ll discover an article by the inventor of the M BRACE RCA, Dr. Mark Davini,.

M Brace RCA on Amazon

Entitled The Carpal Tunnel Problem and Solution. Further below is a twopart copy of the U.S. Patent including drawings of the device and a cross section of the carpal tunnel with the brace in place. This is followed by a twopart technical paper by the inventor with citations. You can also find the same information available on my WristPain website via the various links in the Table of Contents section near the bottom of my home page with a few extra items of interest. Back at my Amazon listing page, there are additional images of the product which.

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