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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cts Symptoms

Terry Zachary developer of the HandmasterPlus. One of the main reasons we developed the productwas to combat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. So today, we are going to talk about carpaltunnel syndrome: The first thing is what is it and very simply,it is easy to look up on the internet. But I will tell you that the carpal tunnel syndromeis… the carpal tunnel, excuse me, is just distal to your wrist. So if you follow itup a little bit, if you were to put the thumb and the finger together where the crease,where the cleavage is, is basically the carpal tunnel. It’s now… it is made of fromthe bones of the wrist form its base and the

top of it is formed by a legum that comesacross. Okay? So that is the carpal tunnel itself. The spacewithin that is the carpal tunnel. It is about as big as the thick index finger. Okay. Carpaltunnel syndrome very simply then is any situation or condition that would compromise the spaceof the carpal tunnel. Through the carpal tunnel, there is nine (9)flexor tendons and also the median nerve. So anytime the space of the carpal tunnelis compromised, that is when they can put pressure on the median nerve and that is whatcarpal tunnel syndrome is. Okay? The main situation is that when we see compromisingthe tunnel itself. It is when the tunnel itself

collapses. With most common things you seeis anybody uses their hands especially in small motions: surgeons are very common; dentaloffice is very common; computer is very common working a mouse; very very common bartendersare very common; beauticians; anything that work with crafts; but it can be sports; musicas well, is very very common to see it. So what we see is anytime we are flexing themuscles of the hand and that is part of our daily routine, you can just see the carpaltunnel collapses itself. So in those situations, we want to oppose that by strengthening themuscles that open the hand. And that is what the Handmaster Plus exercise does.

The second situation you see where carpaltunnel is common is when there is poor blood flow and the primary example is in pregnantwomen. So the other… What we want to contribute to try to combat or prevent carpal tunnelsyndrome is make sure that we are taking the hands through its full range of motion, which I will show you that right now. So this is the Handmaster Plus very easyto get a hold of all this information at the end of this tutorial. What we have the peopledo is to put it on their thumbs and fingers just like this to keep the wrist straightand you are going to just have one exercise squeeze against the hand, open and spreadagainst the cord.

So it is just one continuous exercise. WhenI squeeze here, I strengthen the nine (9) muscles that close the hand. When I open andspread, I strengthen the nine (9) muscles that open and spread the hand. These musclesare super important when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome because as you can see, whenI strengthen these muscles, that carpal tunnel is nice and wide. Okay? So I am going to oppose the things that Ihave been doing during the day by strengthening the extensor tendons. So I just have the person anybody that is in the job where it is red flag or a potential for a carpal tunnelsyndrome, which I would say: computer work,

production line, clerks, checkout counter,dental offices, surgeons, hairdressers, bartenders any work where the carpal tunnels, whereregular flexing of the finger of the hands is common, that is using carpal tunnel. So what we do and it is where you… Well,to train those people to prepare them for their activities so they can do it efficientlybut also not working to injury it is where you just help them do this continuous exercise.It only takes a couple of minutes a day and you are going to see that we start to trainthe muscles that open the hand. We also, as we do this because we take the hand throughits full natural range of motion, we are going

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