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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises Yoga

In this clip I’m going to show you some additional forearm stretches here. You’re going to actually bring your arms out, parallel to the floor with your palms down. Again, roll your shoulders up and back, your chest and your spine is nice and long. You’re going to go ahead and actually flip both palms up towards the ceiling, first, and you’re going to bring one fingertip, one hand’s fingertips down towards the floor. The other hand is going to come onto your fingers and press in. Here, notice where you need to go. You don’t have to have your hands.

Completely parallel to the floor, your fingers perpendicular, I’m sorry, to the floor. Here, you just want to really focus on where you feel that maximum stretch, and only go to where you feel that maxim stretch. You don’t want to be in pain. You can feel a little discomfort, but that’s as far as you want to go. So as you inhale and you exhale, just stretch. Just hold it there for just a second or two, not very long. Inhale and exhale! When you release, you can just release. Bring both arms up towards the ceiling and switch.

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