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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Ncv Findings

As part of Orthopedic Associates of Central Maryland, the Spine Academy focuses on finding the cause of your neck or back pain and determining the best course of treatment. There are different areas where a nerve can be pinched. So if you’re having pain coming down to your hand, it just doesn’t have to be coming from a pinched nerve in your neck. It can be up in your elbow. It can be at your wrist. So it’s really important for the doctor to really thoroughly examine you in addition to listen to what can provoke your symptoms.

Before making a real accurate diagnosis. Our thorough evaluation of your condition may include advanced diagnostic tests, such as our onsite electromyography, EMG, nerve testing to ensure we know the origin and extent of any spinal injury. It’s a test that looks first to see how the peripheral nerves, or the nerves in your arms or legs, how well they’re conducting electrical signal. And that’s compared to a set of normal values. The next part, the actual needle portion, which is the true electromyography proportion, looks to see if there’s any damage from the nerve to the muscle. And that gives us an.

Idea of where the nerve is damaged. Is it damaged higher up in your neck or back Or is it being damaged at more common places peripherally, such as your wrist, your elbow, or on the harder part of your knee Primarily, you’re looking at it for carpal tunnel versus a pinched nerve in your neck. A couple other locations where it tries to determine is whether or not it’s a pinched nerve at your elbow versus a neck. Is it a pinched nerve at the outer part of your knee.

Spine Academy Diagnostic Testing and Back Pain Treatment

Versus your low back Or if it’s your low back versus something called a tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is a nerve at the middle part of your ankle. Those are the primary reasons to be getting an EMG nerve conduction study. Our goal is to speed your recovery, eliminate your pain, and to maximize your function. We diagnose and treat conditions of the lower back, lumbar spine and SI joint, upper back, thoracic spine, and neck, cervical spine. Call 4106441880 or request an appointment online for superior service and quality care.

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