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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pregnancy And Lactation

A former body builder dislocates his shoulder, goes to an emergency room, and now, all because of a nurse failing to recognize the neurological signs ans symptoms of a neurological emergency, this man loses total use of his entire arm. Want to know what this is about Come join me as I share with you this remarkable information. Hi, I’m Gerry Oginski, I’m a New York Medical Malpractice and personal injury trial lawyer practicing law in the state of New York. I’m in sunny Sanibel Island, Florida. My wife is still on the beach picking shells, having.

A great time. I’ve got a few moments to share this remarkable story with you. Now, this guy was a former body builder. Really buff guy, huge muscles. Now he’s horsing around with a friend and in the course of horsing around, he dislocates his shoulder and now he goes to the local emergency room and the doctors there recognize immediately he’s got a dislocated shoulder. Well, they start to try and put it back in, manipulate his arm to put it back into the socket. His muscles are so big that they can’t do it with just.

One guy. They call in a second doctor and third and a fourth. Five doctors are working on this guy to try and manipulate his shoulder back into place. They can’t do it. They give him anesthesia, they give him pain killers, and the swell of the manipulation, his arm swells up. Ultimately, they get it back into place and they say, You know what We’re going to have you hang out over night, watch you. We’re going to see what’s going on because we’ve now pumped you up with all these pain killers, we’ve given you some light.

Nurses Incompetence Destroys Mans Arm NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

Sedation. Let’s go ahead, you rest, we’ll watch you. Over the course of the night, what do you think happens He begins to pain a tingling in his finger tips. He tells the nurse on duty, Hey, listen. I’ve got pain and tingling in my finger tips. What does that mean You know what she says Don’t worry about it, everything will be fine. Now, later, when the nurse comes by again, and he makes complaints similar to that. Listen, I’m having more pain, more tingling, numbness in my hand,.

But now I’ve also got it in my arm. She says, Don’t worry, you’ll tell the doctors in the morning about what’s going on. By the time the doctors come in and make their rounds in the morning, it’s now about four, five hours later. Now, he tells them, Listen, I’ve had these complaints for the past five, six hours and nobody did anything! They immediately get him an emergency CAT scan. Now they’re getting worried. Now they recognize he’s got some significant problems. They say, Listen, we’ve got to get you into surgery immediately.

There’s a big problem going on. You know what the problem was that they didn’t tell him about There was a collection of fluid in the axilla that they believe was compressing the nerves that controls the fingers and the hand. Now, they had to get him into surgery to try and release the pressure and drain that fluid. If they didn’t do that, there was a good likelihood that that nerve, the nerve collection that controls the hand and the arm, would be dead. Now, they in and do this emergency surgery.

They cut him from his arm all the way down to his waist, cut him right open. They were actually able to release that fluid and that was exactly the problem. This build up of fluid was compressing the bundle of nerves that was controlling his arm and his hand. This was a neurological emergency and they were hoping that by releasing this pressure now, hours later, he wouldn’t have any permanent problem. Well, all their prayer were for nothing. You want to know why Because they lost that window of opportunity. The nurse failed to.

Recognize that this was a neurological emergency. The nurse failed to tell a doctor on duty, a resident, about this neurological problem. As a result of that, this patient lost total use of his entire arm because once the nerve was killed off, what that meant was that his arm would atrophy, as if it wasn’t being used. It would literally wither away over the course of weeks and months. Now this guys whose was big and buff and had great big muscles on one, now this other arm, which was no longer innervated by this particular.

Nerve because it was killed off, now it was literally going to wither away. It would look like a fracture 000350, like a shriveled up arm. That’s ultimately what happened here. That mistake by this nurse cost the hospital one million dollars. Now let me ask you this question. If somebody offered you one million dollars in exchange for the loss of use of arm, would you do it Of course you wouldn’t, but that’s exactly what happened to the gentleman. Why do I share this great information with you I share this story with you just to give.

You an incite and an understanding about one case that I was able to help this gentleman obtain compensation for the injuries that he suffered because of incompetence by a hospital nurse. I realize you’re watching this because you likely have questions or concerns about your own medical care. Well, if your matter happened in New York and you’re contemplating bringing a law suit, what I encourage you to do if you’ve got legal questions is pick up the phone and call me! I can answer your legal questions. You know, this is something I do every single day, even when the trucks go.

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