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Carpal Tunnel Upper Back Pain

Hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and today’s practice will be a yin yoga class focusing on neck upper back and shoulder tension relief please make sure you have two blocks handy we’ll start in a comfortable cross legged seated position connecting with the breath by inhaling and exhaling out through the nose relaxing both shoulders down and away from the ears and just taking a moment to get centered here tune into your body noticing where you’re holding tension when you’re ready start to drop your right ear towards you.

Right shoulder you might feel a little bit of a stretch to the left side of your neck here if you’d like to intensify the stretch you can reach your left fingertips down onto the mat and crawl them over towards the left see if you can keep your chin up high here and if you’d like to intensify the stretch even more you can use your right palm the lightly press down over the top of your head if this is too much just come back to the other variation.

You want to move very slowly and be very careful as the neck can be very sensitive let’s take another five deep belly breaths right here in this pose and for these last few moments let’s start to tuck the chin in towards the chest. So this should send the stretch more towards the back of your neck and starting to go down towards the shoulder blades. Take three more deep breaths, breathing into the sensation and lets release this side gently lifting the head back to center when you’re ready we’ll go and explore the second side so this time you’ll be.

Yin Yoga for Neck, Shoulder Upper Back Tension Relief

Dropping your left ear toward your left shoulder move slowly and carefully here don’t go into the final variation of the pose just yet take the time to explore them breathe into the right side of your neck and if it feels appropriate for your body today you can reach your right fingertips down onto the mat crawling them over towards the right get a little bit deeper and your last option here is to also use your left palm to lightly press down on the top of your head we’re not applying too much pressure here.

Make sure you’re still sitting up nice and tall. let’s take five breaths in this pose lets start to tuck the chin in towards the chest once again sending stretch more towards the back of the neck and down towards the shoulder blades let’s release the pose, bringing head back to center coming into a tabletop pose onto hands and knees we’ll be setting up for puppy pose so please make sure your hips stay directly over top of your knees and then you can start to walk your palms forward as you drop your chest in your forehead either directly down onto the.

Mat if you can’t quite make it you can always place a block directly underneath your forehead make sure you’re not causing your lower back to sway here so you will need to keep your abdominals slightly engages so that the lower back stays nice and long we’re trying to get the stretch to come in throughout the shoulder girdle and between the shoulder blades so start to melt your heart down towards the mat taking deep breaths and really feeling the ribs spread from side to side and front to back.

Although your palms are forward you don’t want to have your shoulders hiked up all the way towards your ears so see if you can roll your shoulders down and away from your ears so that your neck has plenty of space and we’ll take five to 10 deep breaths in this pose. softening through the upper back while staying strong through the belly take your time as you start to come out of the pose coming back onto hands and knees crossing you’re right thigh over your left stacking you’re right knee directly over top.

Left so getting a little bit deeper into the hips here right arm rises up overhead bend at the elbow and maybe just use your left palm to press that elbow back if you’d like to intensify this stretch you can reach around with your left fingertips and clasp your hands behind your back make sure you not leaning your head forward here you want to stay sitting up nice and tall stay sitting down on both sits bones and no matter which variation you’re choosing you want to keep pressing that.

Right elbow back to get deep into the triceps wherever you feel the sensation most that’s where you want to see your breath deep breaths lets release the arms. keep your legs exactly as they are we’re going to come into in Eagle variation with the upper body so you’ll be crossing you’re right arm underneath your left hooking at the wrists and from here you want to lift your elbows up roll your shoulders down and away from the ears sit up tall or move into a forward fold elbows will go in front of your knees if the floors a little bit too far away for.

You you don’t need to go all the way down you can always lower onto your thighs, a block stay or stay sitting up high we’re trying to stretch throughout the upper back in between the shoulder blades little bit throughout the biceps while stretch here take 5 more deep breaths right here in this pose engage the belly as you lift all the way back up release the arms bring your palms in behind you uncross the legs and were just going to do a couple windshield wiper motions with the.

Knees just to reset the lower back so just alternate between dropping your knees over to one side and then over to the next when you’re ready we’ll go do the same thing on the other side so this time you’re stacking your left knee directly over top of your right and on an inhale left arm reaches up towards the sky bending at the left home though use your right com lightly presses back start this very she pursed if you’d like to go deeper you can feature right fingertips down in class care fingers behind your back.

The new remember that we’re trying to set up nice and tall here in really feel a broadening through the upper body you might be feeling a fairly intense sensation through Google hips due to the cross the legs if that’s the case see if you can use your breath to help alleviate some tension mealy send in your prime home the way down into your lower body along those muscles to relax just a little bit more of 0 in let’s command the Eagle arms variations sur releasing your palms this time left.

Army go underneath your rights binding once or twice either choose to stay setting up tall here or come forward into your hold 0 hubbell’s can rest on your knees on the block go all the way down to the ground wherever you are and make sure your understands that allows you to relax your hand and relax your neck ok make sure your hallways reminding your shoulders to roll down in a week from your ears 0 0 were here her about five min baths of gently start to look at yourself out of the poems.

0 bring your palms back down onto the mat on crossing your legs and once again doing that windshield wiper motion dropping these on one side and on to the next I’m sure we’ll be coming back onto her hands and knees to another cup goals the different variations time please grab your blocks place them along the sugar and ship your mount on their lowest level answer to lower your elbows down onto the books keeping your hips directly over top of your needs pressing your palms together concerning your palms.

Behind your neck so that your fingertips are pointing towards her tail you’ll know right away the stretch is too intense for you if that’s the case move the blocks and a kuwaiti place your elbows directly down onto the nut to do the same polls bring your palms together and sending them towards the back of your neck going up on the blocks will just make the stretch a little bit more intense to the triceps again remember that we’re keeping the belly slightly firms here so that the lower back stays nice.

Long 0 0 come back to your BRE of and start melting your heart down towards the Mertz of 0 your forehead me for me not to be touching the ground 0 0 good of 0 remember that this is your practice new yet to decide when you come in out polls remember to listen to your body into actions best for you its police palms back to mount months chilton let yourself back up uncertain of the blocks outoftheway making your way all the way down to your belly come to give a little bit more attention to the front body set up for spinks.

Polls bringing your four rooms down to the uh about shoulder with this is a part and you get to decide how deep you go into the stack and so if you’re feeling intention your work all you need to do is walk your calls forward so there’s less of an angle here and instead of focusing about how high up you can get just think lengthen your spine really lean your heart schoolrooms relaxing your shoulders down in a week from your years lately hugging your shoulder blades behind your back 0.

Tailbone is lengthening towards your heels how this is grounded downloaded from a and just enjoy this gentle polls for humour breaths taking deep breaths into the front to the body directly into the heart and know that you can adjust the schools and anytime either by walking your elbows in are sliding them forward to reduce the intensity the 0 0 it 0 0 0 0 in 0 0 tumor paths of I’ll and slowly start to soften down press your way back up onto his knees and will be coming into a long lunch.

Whose so something your right foot in between your palms the top in the match pat your left me maybe by double paramount for sending it down come on in when you have your balance here and we’ll be reaching right left arm across her body using your right palm sure of that arm in close it worse a chance so you should be feeling he could stretch to your left shoulder make sure that left shoulder is pressing down towards the ground and start by slowly allowing your ships to see.

Town so we’re in teaching the boxers so lasts cause it’s just a little bit stretches well you want to avoid a sweep accurate swells keep curling your Tillman staying long through the lower book integrity through the palace of bring your palms back onto Hwy will call has been switched sides so this time will be stepping your left foot forward to the top the map trading your right knee income on up when you’re ready this time you’re right arm will each cross your body using your left home to try and include.

Remember to roll out right shoulder down a phenomenal seen qichen here 0 and see if you can focus your breath was a back body here in between the shoulder blades the new along the spine up and of 0 0 0 of 0 0 0 0 let’s release homes back down the moms come through to your table top holes unwind your if you have that variations will be sending a prince but the needle so swing your left arm through so that you can comfortably rest your left shoulder and left here.

Either downed McTear force a little bit too far away can always rest your head down around two o’clock right palm can see down mark firmly pressing into the ground are you can rest your right palm onto your lower of so there’s a little bit but twisting actions here as you press your belly button tortures fine and roll your right shoulder to hem in the week year 0 try to call as little weight intention is each and Internet of deep belly breaths as he settles into this polls.

Of in in 0 of if your palms behind your back please bring it back down onto them take your time is to come back up through to your table top position and we’ll prepare for the second side but before let’s take a few rounds at Catton cow so as you exhale around your spine curl tail bone under and on the email trail the belly left the key school till up squeeze your shoulder pleats behind your back one more round exhale around your spine chin to chest elbow city streets on the in jail.

Drop the belly lift the gays slightly I’ll hmm let’s come back to neutral swinging you’re right arm down lowering right shoulder great year either onto the man term 2 o’clock shoes if you prefer to keep your left palm down onto the mount she’d like to intensify the sensation you can rest your left palm culture lover pock in Munich work rolling back left shoulder down in the week you’re here 0 your hips are staying hy Apple rules here icing belly button to spine 0 0 0 0 0 although we’ve done this.

On for site already this site might feel like a brand new experience that’s okay try not to focus too much on the differences on one side and the other and instead see thinkin simply enjoy the experience without trying to teen a call or reach certain homes whatever she your body is in right now is the perfect she great at the moment I’ll stay committed to the present moment stay within your body keep proving being deeply of step to bring your left home back down onto the mom.

Slow yes you come back up on small homes and you want to grab your crops people you simple blocks to come to support it ish holds one long local behind your upper took in between shoulder blades on the lowest or midlevel the second block will go to directly underneath her head also on the most for me double easy so down on the blocks should be blown tension in your lower back here if you feel and pinching either but the block on the lowest level slime block her.

Up towards your head block be too low you can choose to keep your life strange here but if you look a little bit with temple coming same time you can come into a butterfly she lanes green slows the into touched and allowing police to call of arms can go away and is more comfortable to you I mean a scary she can be change cool firm support her head but it puts too intense to the its shoulder girdle just keep your arms a month thank you bombing and we are here.

Permitted in her up for two minutes so you have the time to claim round the school is niece England find what works best for you when you do going to be me she numbers from your body seeking teens the still just he on reading deeply 1896 and she the I’m on allowing your Rams spread from side to side King mean long spine will not sit down lunch locks moving your hips be happy 0 just loving slowrelease cool down sports tier the new enjoying at the moment 0.

0 0 0 0 0 0 take 10 more slow deep valley spray hearings homes 0 of of in in of good of then in of in in in in in 0 let’s come up in the polls thinkers bringing step towards each other may be talking sheen towards your chest so we can rule purse law propping your subculture forms to the other block me online on the way down to bounce will be setting up her spinal twist so opening at the right knee will be bringing your right knee.

Colbert what’s the lapd me using your left palm like pressed down where you’re right hi reach your right are out see you could be the press your right shoulder blade down into the apt because this is a twist still want to keep hugging your belly button Ind mortuary spine so that your lower abdominals are hugging even and bull colin powell’s piecing up towards ceiling getting a little bit deeper into twist 0 notice if you press becomes a little short or shallow use turkey twist we want to avoid.

From happening so she una that’s the case it probably just means that you was that a little bit too hard eat to back out homes always remember that your press issue guy that will tell you whether not you concur deeper to pull out certain homes I’ll analysts say here about numbers tenors home the billy graham’s 0 0 0 0 in good in of its release and come back to center for setting up for the second side so this time will be pending at the lapd he and green.

Her towards the right side of your body may be using your buy palm like me i sat down x10 you left arm down onto the ground really increasing your left shoulder blade down into the earth’s in keep your chest facing up towards the sky maybe allow the eyes to close the supreme focused inward to back into your path can stay here her needs of of of in in in of of in the of in the in in it least this twist incumbent should last night are final St homes funny comfortable position.

Your body to rest may be extending both legs bull I’m sound palms PC what’s a skyline compact with her press is natural to you and Joost enjoy the peace few moments complete stillness rules times my of in of in of good of thank you so much for doing this class with Pete me I’m really do hope you enjoyed it please make sure to subscribe to my channel like this tutorial and leave a comment really does mean so much to me thank you so much namaste a in.

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