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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Stretches Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

Ltlaughtergt O Oh man, this must be carpal tunnel I think I’m gonna Google it. Actually, it’s carpal tunnel syndrome. You’ll hear people say they’ve got those carpal tunnels, but it’s kind of like that sciatic nerve, everyone has carpal tunnels, but carpal tunnel syndrome is actually when you have some pain, that pressure in there. A lot of people get it from working on the computer a long time. So, these are gonna be some stretches to stretch it out and hopefully get you feeling better. DIsclaimer alert, though, lots of times when.

People the wrist pain, the numbness and tingling in their fingers and their hands, it’s actually coming from their neck. It’s not carpal tunnel syndrome, so it’s very important to go get a true diagnosis from your doctor or therapist. So let’s move along from there. The first stretch that I’m gonna show you is just kind of a warm up. And what you’re gonna do is your gonna put your arm straight out. You’re gonna have your hand in a fist position. And you’re just gonna move it up and down. So just a little pause at the end range there.

And then coming back up a little pause at the end range there. When you go up this way, you should feel the stretch underneath your wrist and arm here. And when you go down, you should feel the stretch up on top. Now if you go down you want to curl your fingers in. That’s what gives you the most stretch. If that’s painful you can relax your fingers a little bit and stretch down this way. Same thing going up. If you go up this way with your fingers curled, that’s not as much as a stretch. and so if you open up your hand.

Ltlaughtergt I mean, um, if you open up your hand with your fingers up, that’s gonna give you an extra stretch through here. So same kind of thing, just a little pause at the top, and then curl your fingers and go down. The next kind of stretchwarmup is turning your fist up. You can have your thumb on top on the outside for a little less of a stretch, you’re gonna go down this way. You’re gonna feel the stretch on top. And then you’re gonna come back up, you’re gonna feel the stretch on the bottom. Now if you want a little more.

Stretch, if that’s not getting you enough stretch, tuck your thumb inside. So you’re holding that thumb underneath. And you’re gonna go down, feeling that stretch on the top. And then go up, feeling the stretch on the bottom there. So just about, you know, 10 or 15 times each way going up and down. And then tucking that thumb in and go back and forth. Now we’re gonna move into an actual stretch with some over pressure. So if those were easy, you weren’t quite feeling the stretch, we’re gonna add some extra pressure in there.

To give you more of a stretch. So you want your arm still straight out. You want that elbow locked. You’re gonna bring your hand up, those fingers are straight. You’re gonna take your other hand and put some pressure on it. So you’re just pushing out. Now this time you’re actually gonna hold it for 30 seconds. And you’re gonna do the 30 seconds and you’re gonna do it 3 times each. And after you do the 30 seconds there, then your gonna bring it down, you curl those fingers under and you give yourself some pressure there.

So same thing down that way. 3 times for 30 seconds. So again just going up, hand almost in a stop sign, extra pressure, and then curling it down and curling those fingers in, extra pressure. Now the next one is when you want to use both hands. You can use both hands, this is called the prayer stretch. Just like it sounds. You want to bring your hands together. You want to have your elbows out. Some people might only be able to get to here, and they’re gonna feel the stretch. You want to feel the stretch under both of the hands right here,.

Through that carpal tunnel. And so, you’re gonna pop those elbows out, but if you can bring all the way down to here, and you want to hold it for 30 seconds for 3 times. Now the last stretch I’m gonna show you is gonna be a big stretch, and we’re gonna do it up against the wall, so let’s get on up there and I’ll show you this one. Alright, so using the wall is the next step up from the over pressure with your hand, so you’re basically using the wall as your hand to give you that extra over pressure. So it’s the same thing,.

You want to keep your elbow straight and locked out. The whole arm’s straight, and your gonna try to get as much bend in your wrist as you can. You can push in to it a little bit to straighten out that hand, but you want to hold it for 30 seconds for 3 times each. Now if this one still doesn’t feel like it’s giving you as much of a stretch, turn your hand upside down. This is gonna be the step up. This is gonna be the biggest stretch. And so same.

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