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Causes For Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndromeis a common condition that causes pain and numbnessin your hand and fingers. It affects one of the main nervesin your hand. It travels from the armpit, down the arm and through the carpal tunnelat the wrist into the hand. The carpal tunnelis a narrow passage in your wrist made up of small bones. And a tough band of tissue.

The carpal tunnel protects the mediannerve and tendons that pass through it. These tendonsmove your fingers and wrist and the median nervecontrols your thumb muscles and gives you feeling in your hand. If the narrow spaceinside the carpal tunnel is reduced, it can put pressure on the median nerve.This is known as: It can be caused by:. .or a conditionsuch as rheumatoid arthritis

which causes swelling around the wrist. When the median nerve is compressed,it may cause pain, numbness, and a burning or tingling sensationin your hand and fingers. The muscles in your thumbmay also become weak, making it difficult to grip objects. Carpal tunnel syndromeoften goes away without treatment, which is common in pregnant womenand those under the age of 30. If your symptoms are mild to moderate,

carpal tunnel syndromecan be treated with a wrist splint or antiinflammatory medicinesto reduce the swelling. However, if your symptoms are severe,and no other treatment has worked, your may recommendyou have surgery known as: You will be given an injection,local anaesthetic, to numb your hand and arm. Your surgeon will useeither open surgery or keyhole, laparoscopic, surgery.

In open surgery, a single incisionis made along the base of your palm and a cut is madein the carpal ligament to release the pressureon the median nerve. In keyhole surgery, a smaller incisionis made above the wrist and a tube with a small camera,endoscope and special instruments are used to cut the carpal ligament. There is a slightly shorter recoverytime when keyhole surgery is performed, although there is no real differencein the success of the two operations.

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