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Does Carpal Tunnel Solution Work

Hey, guys. axe here, of functional medicine and founder of draxe . today i’m going to share with you my top natural carpal tunnel treatments and ways to get rid of carpal tunnel in just 24 hours. Carpal tunnel is something that plagues a lot of people, and the problem is most of the treatments today are things like surgery, medications, or even bracing, and they are ineffective at best. So in this tutorial I’m going to share with you my top supplements.

And natural carpal tunnel treatments that you’re going to see results with very quickly. The first thing you’ve got to know is what causes carpal tunnel. Typically, carpal tunnel is caused by poor posture, and it’s an overuse injury. So when you’re sitting at your desk, one of the first things you want to do is you want to rearrange what you’re doing on a daily basis. That overuse injury, a lot of times it’s caused from extending the wrist too much over time and keeping it in one position. Oftentimes raising up your desk, raising up.

Your computer screen, and getting your body in a tight, comfortable position at the computer, that really is step number one. Then I want to talk about some other things you can do in terms of natural treatment. Now, if you’re going to see a physician about carpal tunnel, I would actually highly recommend a chiropractor. A chiropractor can actually work on adjusting the wrist bones and realigning that tunnel area and removing pressure and interference on that nerve. So that’s one.

Of the natural treatments you may consider. One of the things you can do yourself in terms of treatment is traction out your wrist. Part of this is due to a compression injury, so, again, tractioning out your own wrist. You can also get a band and traction out your wrist or you just hold onto a weight and let it traction itself. Those are some great natural treatments for carpal tunnel. But to get rid of this very, very quickly, one of the first things you need to do is.

Start taking some good quality supplements. now it’s been proven in medical research that vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are the most effective vitamins for helping out carpal tunnel. Really those support your nervous tissue and help it heal and regenerate. So again, I’d recommend a B Complex, a vitamin B6 or vitamin B12 supplement. The next supplement that is great for helping get relief from carpal tunnel is magnesium. Magnesium actually helps relax your blood vessels. It helps relax muscular tissue that.

Can cause compression of nerves in that carpal area. so again, what i would do is start using a magnesium supplement, typically about 250 milligrams, two times daily. The next thing you want to do is take natural antiinflammatory supplements like bromelain. Bromelain comes from the core of a pineapple. It’s a proteolytic or antiinflammatory enzyme that works very well. Also you can take that in combination with supplements like turmeric and boswellia as well as ginger, and that can also help relieve some of that pressure.

In the carpal area. Then, in terms of diet, you want to follow an antiinflammatory diet, a diet that’s very high in fruits, vegetables, and omega3 fatty acids like wildcaught fish or taking a fish oil supplement. But remember, organic fruits, vegetables, and omega3 fats should be the basis of your diet if you’re trying to get carpal tunnel relief fast. Last but not least, one of the fastest topical treatments you can do to get carpal tunnel.

Relief is using essential oils. essential oils have been used for thousands of years for healing conditions. Two essential oils are going to be the most effective, and those are wintergreen and cypress. Now, wintergreen has an analgesic affect, so it will actually cool the area of the inflammation, really relieve the pain. Cypress increases circulation, so cypress is great as well. If you want to add another oil to help repair the tissue, helichrysum oil is the best for that. But again, using a mixture of cypress and wintergreen,.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment MyCarpalTunnel

I am marielaina perrone. i’m a dentist. i have a practice in henderson, nevada. ive had this practice for 11 Years now. I’m here today to tell you about an amazing Carpal Tunnel therapy called the Carpal Solution. Anybody who knows me knows that I value my time off and being here on my day off and not with my family requires something pretty important .I really truly think this is something pretty important. I am really proud to say that I use the Carpal Solution. It has helped me get through some trying times and has come.

Through for me. i had the classic carpal tunnel symptoms probably about five years ago where I had the pain that started in my fingers and worked its way up to my elbow, tingling and discomfort especially after a long day with a lot of root canals or extractions. Then I would go home and the pain would subside and I would be okay. About three years ago my symptoms became much worse. I put together a play kitchen for my kids and those come with about a thousand screws. I was putting it together by hand with a screw driver pretty.

Much all day. by that night the pain i was in was excruciating. the hand pain wasn’t going away, so the next day I ran out and bought one of those Wrist Splints. It was an impressive looking rigid brace for my hand and wrist, it ran from the tip of my fingers all the way to my elbow. I started wearing that brace all night, I would wear the rigid brace between patients, and I would wear it after work. It wasn’t doing anything to help my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. I started to get pretty anxious and I was pretty devastated.

Thinking day and night. i would worry about how much longer am i going to be able to perform as a Dentist and how soon am I going to have to sell my dental practice. I wondered: How am I going to take care of my family. I wasn’t sleeping very well, not just because of the pain that I was having at night but because of the anxiety. It was affecting my husband too. He saw what I was going through, so he decided to go on the internet. He’s kind of a computer guy, and started looking everything up about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

And treatments. he researched it a lot and has a medical background. he spent pretty much an entire day trying to find some alternate therapies for me. I am not a surgery person anyway, as a trained medical professional, I know what can go wrong. What would I do if or when I lost the fine motor skills you need as a dentist. My fear of the risk of losing my hand function was just as bad as not having my practice anymore, because I would probably have to give up my practice. So when he looked and heard what s were.

Saying about the carpal solution home carpal tunnel treatment, he decided to order it. I didn’t know anything about it until he gave it to me one night, after it had come in the mail and asked me to use it. When I looked at it and the simplicity of it, I kind of chuckled to myself and thought I will appease him because I know he did some pretty hard research to find the Carpal Solution. I’ll use it, I’ll try it and then when it doesn’t work then hell know, I at least put in the effort and did the home therapy. I put.

The carpal solution device on the first night and the next morning i felt a little bit better and I thought well it’s probably just in my head. I’m not going to jump into any conclusions, because I know how bad it’s been. I wore it again the next couple nights and before I knew it, probably a week, a week and a half I was feeling a lot better. So, I was elated. I realized the Carpal Solution was actually my solution for the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. The simple, comfortable, night therapy of putting these flexible elastic braces across.

Your hand and attaching it with sticky strips and changing the position of your hand and helping the blood flow. I would rest my arm on a pillow at night with my little Carpal Solution on and every morning would feel better. Whenever I would have my symptoms increase again after a hard day at work doing dentistry, I would start wearing The Carpal Solution again. I don’t wear it every night I only start wearing it when I have the slightest symptoms and I’ll wear it for a night or two and that takes care of it, If I really, really.

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