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Extensor Tendonitis

我是Chris Harper 这�是Makayla, 我们�演示脚背疼痛的应用 这是当我们在脚和脚�的顶部疼痛的时候 一些原因包括过度使用,太紧��脚或穿破的鞋� 在�平�跑步也许是个原因 KT贴布通过�少压力��轻疼痛, 放�有关肌肉,增快循环�改善状况 对这个应用, 我在脚背上这个�置放一个红点�表示痛点, 你疼痛的地方也许�有��,我们�是放个红点作�考,�明的姿势是 将脚处于跖屈�置,也就是脚趾指�胫骨, 对这个应用的第一部分,我们�一整�KT贴布 对折 准备一�剪刀并在折�端剪圆角 圆角有效预防贴布粘到衣� 从中间弯曲撕开背纸, 移除背纸,�很�心��碰到胶� 然�我们80%拉伸贴于痛点之上 这是全拉伸,我们退回一点�� 然�贴布痛点上 移除背纸,零伸展贴下贴布末端 �有中间部分有伸展 好好摩擦,特别是边角,使其粘得更好 生�一点热� �第二片 从中间撕开背纸,这�自我们刚从第一�剪出的 用拇指施加�匀的张力,直接贴在痛点之上,�是贴高一点 80%拉伸, 移除背纸 零伸展贴下贴布末端 最�一�,我们�一整� 就在贴布末端有标志的一端撕开背纸 作固定点 贴在超过�两��置的皮肤上 但在脚趾之�,我们�弯曲脚趾使皮肤伸展 移除背纸 �拿�有纸部分��作贴布 50%拉伸贴布.

Tendonitis an animation

Tendonitis is a painful condition caused by swollen or injured tendonsin the body. Tendons are tough, fibrous cordsthat connect muscle to bone. They are situated in different partsof the body… ..and are easily visiblearound the wrist… ..and ankle. Tendons allow your muscles to contractand withstand tension during stretching,…

twisting… and bending. They are surrounded bya protective sheath, or synovium,… ..allowing free movement. If your tendons become injuredor diseased, they may become swollen and painful. This is known as tendonitis. If these symptomsaffect the tendon sheaths the condition is called tenosynovitis.

Tendonitis and tenosynovitisusually occur at the same time, but either can occur on its own. Tendonitis and tenosynovitis are both signs of the body’snatural protective process, known as inflammation, which causes painbut actually helps the body to heal. During inflammationthere is a buildup of fluid, causing swelling at the injured site, increased blood flow,causing redness and heat,…

..increased chemical releasenear nerve endings, causing pain. Inflammation can also cause weaknessin the affected area and you may not be able to movethe tendon or its muscle. Tendons generally lose their elasticityand become weaker over time, making tendonitismore likely in the elderly, but it can affect any age group. In addition, overuse of tendons maycause tiny tears of the tendon fibres. This type of injury producesthe same symptoms as tendonitis but without inflammation.

For this reason, many expertsnow use the term quot;tendinopathyquot; to describe tendon injuriescollectively. Tendinopathies can affectany tendon in the body but areas commonly affected are the shoulder, wrist, fingers, thigh, knee or heel. Treatment of tendinopathies includes:.

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