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Hand Cramps After Exercise

I am Marielaina Perrone. I’m a Dentist.I have a practice in Henderson, Nevada. I’ve had this practice for 11 Years now. I’m heretoday to tell you about an amazing Carpal Tunnel therapy called the Carpal Solution.Anybody who knows me knows that I value my time off and being here on my day off andnot with my family requires something pretty important .I really truly think this is somethingpretty important. I am really proud to say that I use the Carpal Solution. It has helpedme get through some trying times and has come through for me. I had the classic Carpal Tunnelsymptoms probably about five years ago where I had the pain that started in my fingersand worked its way up to my elbow, tingling

and discomfort especially after a long daywith a lot of root canals or extractions. Then I would go home and the pain would subsideand I would be okay. About three years ago my symptoms became much worse. I put togethera play kitchen for my kids and those come with about a thousand screws. I was puttingit together by hand with a screw driver pretty much all day. By that night the pain I wasin was excruciating. The hand pain wasn’t going away, so the next day I ran out andbought one of those Wrist Splints. It was an impressive looking rigid brace for my handand wrist, it ran from the tip of my fingers all the way to my elbow. I started wearingthat brace all night, I would wear the rigid

brace between patients, and I would wear itafter work. It wasn’t doing anything to help my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. I started to getpretty anxious and I was pretty devastated thinking day and night. I would worry abouthow much longer am I going to be able to perform as a Dentist and how soon am I going to haveto sell my dental practice. I wondered: “How am I going to take care of my family.â€� Iwasn’t sleeping very well, not just because of the pain that I was having at night butbecause of the anxiety. It was affecting my husband too. He saw what I was going through,so he decided to go on the internet. He’s kind of a computer guy, and started lookingeverything up about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

and Treatments. He researched it a lot andhas a medical background. He spent pretty much an entire day trying to find some alternatetherapies for me. I am not a surgery person anyway, as a trained medical professional,I know what can go wrong. What would I do if or when I lost the fine motor skills youneed as a dentist. My fear of the risk of losing my hand function was just as bad asnot having my practice anymore, because I would probably have to give up my practice.So when he looked and heard what s were saying about the Carpal Solution home CarpalTunnel Treatment, he decided to order it. I didn’t know anything about it until he gaveit to me one night, after it had come in the

mail and asked me to use it. When I lookedat it and the simplicity of it, I kind of chuckled to myself and thought I will appeasehim because I know he did some pretty hard research to find the Carpal Solution. I’lluse it, I’ll try it and then when it doesn’t work then he’ll know, I at least put inthe effort and did the home therapy. I put The Carpal Solution device on the first nightand the next morning I felt a little bit better and I thought well it’s probably just in myhead. I’m not going to jump into any conclusions, because I know how bad it’s been. I wore itagain the next couple nights and before I knew it, probably a week, a week and a halfI was feeling a lot better. So, I was elated.

I realized the Carpal Solution was actuallymy solution for the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. The simple, comfortable, night therapy ofputting these flexible elastic braces across your hand and attaching it with sticky stripsand changing the position of your hand and helping the blood flow. I would rest my armon a pillow at night with my little Carpal Solution on and every morning would feel better.Whenever I would have my symptoms increase again after a hard day at work doing dentistry,I would start wearing The Carpal Solution again. I don’t wear it every night I onlystart wearing it when I have the slightest symptoms and I’ll wear it for a night or twoand that takes care of it, If I really, really

Muscle Cramps Working Out WHAT REALLY CAUSES THEM

‘Hey Jeff. This is Chris from Arkansas. I’m34 and I’ve been a member of ATHLEANX for the last 810 months. My AX JEFF Questionis What’s the difference between a cramp anda contraction? During certain moves like Cable Crossovers, I’ll get a bad cramp here undermy armpit. When I do things like Bicep Curls, I get abig cramp right here at the front of my arm, and when I try to do things like Barbell HipThrusts, I get Charley Horse cramps in my hamstrings. Now, keep in mind, I do an 812 minute DynamicWarmup prior to working out as well as a

Static Stretch Routine nightly. Thanks for all your information, and keepup the GREAT work.’ Thanks Chris. It’s actually a really goodquestion. You see, when people tighten up or cramp up during an exercise, the firstthing they think is going on is that they’re tight. So they’ll start stretching their musclesout. So if you’re getting them in your chest, you’ll start to stretch your chest out eventhe way I showed you a couple weeks ago. They’ll stretch their bicep out, or they’llstretch their hamstring out. The problem a

lot of times is that the cramping is reallya substitution for stability where you’re lacking strength. So, if you think about it this way, if youget cramping in your bicep, it might be that your actual bicep isn’t able to handle theload that you’re subjecting it to, so it cramps to provide stability to the joint,to the elbow, so that you can actually get through the movement without damaging it. But, a cramp isn’t a good way to form stabilitybecause a cramp will hurt, as you well know. So, what we want to do is, we want to tryto strengthen the muscles that are cramping

more. And we do this not in a contracted position.So, if you’re trying to strengthen the bicep, you would not do it in an exercise that placespeak tension at peak contraction. So, like with a Spider Curl where I’m leaningover, I’m getting peak contraction and peak tension at the same point. That’s likely goingto lead to a lot of cramping. The same thing happens with a bridge, as youdescribe, bridging up at peak contraction of the gluts and maybe into the hamstrings.you’regetting a cramp. So what you do is, for the bicep, you tryto get an exercise that places peak tension

in the middle of the strength curve. So, for a Barbell Curl, we get it somewherearound here, but as I get to the very top where I’m fully contracted, I actually don’thave as much tension there. So, you try to increase your strength in allof the exercises that don’t place that tension at its highest in the peak contraction state. Once you do that, you’ll notice that whenyou build up your strength in those exercises, you go back to doing the exercises that werecausing the problem, and you should have no problems any more.At least you should find it to be dramatically

reduced. Of course, make sure you’re drinkingenough and hydrating because a muscle can easily cramp at a lothigher rate and frequency when it’s not hydrated, and it’s in a dehydrated state, ok. So I hope you found this helpful, and rememberguys, if you want your AX JEFF Question answered here, all you’ve got to do is make sure yousend me one. Record a tutorial of you asking the questionthat’s been most on your mind, and I will do my best to answer it here in a future AXJeff segment. In the meantime, guys, if you found this tutorialhelpful, make sure you leave a comment and

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