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Hand Cramps Video Games

from various motion control devices to a plank of wood attached to a controller, we count 15 of the least useful gaming peripherals ever made. 15 Xbox 360 SpeakerCom, There was this weird phenomenon on the 360 voice chat where if you set voice communication to go through your TVs speakers all you could hear was a mumbled garbage that can only be likened to a series of farts echoing through a tin pipe. Well this device was supposed to fix that.

Problem, it plugged into your controller and played the voice over a small speaker, as well as having an external mic and a set of crappy ear buds that fit more comfortably up your nose than in your ears. The main problem with it was that the external micrecorded the audio playing from the speaker causing a feedback loop, thus rendering the main function of the device as useful as a Mad Catz controller covered in Cheeto dust. 14 Atari 2600 Stick Station,.

the atari joystick tended togive you cramps if you played it for too long, so a company named Skystation released a peripheral that tried to fix this issue in a way so awkward that it makes the Xbox Duke controller look like the GBA micro. They didnt make a more ergonomic controller; instead they implanted the joystick into a slab of wood so big that it required you to put it on a coffee table, however, most people used the device under a table to keep it from wobbling.

of course they probably didnt realise that the atari joystick could have been put on a coffee table by itself quite easily and kept there with some tape or BluTac with pretty much the same result,but I guess that wouldnt leave you with a device that doubles as a doorstop. 13 Wii Boxing Gloves, Ever accidentally clocked someone in the fact whilst playing a Wii boxing game? If so these gloves have been tailor made to soften the blow, quite literally, since all they.

Are are boxing gloves with a hole cut in them so that a wiimote and nunchuck would fit in. The manufacturers of the gloves must not own a Wii because theres no window for the IR sensors, which dramatically reduces the accuracy of the motion controls, but on the plus side the added frustration behind this will give you the motivation to go and box for real. The other issue is that you cant use any of the buttons, thus locking you out of.

Any attack apart from the default one; luckily all of these issues can be fixed with a pair of scissors but youre probably better off saving your $20 and spending it on boxing classes. 12 Gameboy Printer, There was a decent amount of fun to be had with the Gameboy camera and it makes sense that youd want to print out the weird photos that you took, but it doesnt make any sense whenthe printed copy is about a tenth of the qualityof your average big foot picture.

to make matters worse the printer runs on six aa batteries and requires thermal paper that gives you one colour per type of paper. This device seemed to have entertained someone, because Neil Young decided to use a printout as one of his album covers and the results are simply stunning, but luckily your best friend imagination will help fill in the blanks. 11 PlayStation Jogcon, Back when 3D gaming was coming into its.

Own and analogue sticks were becoming big namco decided to revolutionise racing controls with a turning wheel attached to a controller. However, most people who wanted a better racing experience simply bought a racing wheel with force feedback, a stick and pedals, none of which were featured in the Jogcon. Naming devices cant be easy but it seems clear Namco just put two random syllables and called it day, I mean, unless they originally wanted you to jog on a treadmill whilst controlling.

4 Ways To Quickly Stop Leg Cramps Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies

My name is larry cook and i would like to share with you four natural remedies that you can use to stop leg cramps and foot cramps right away. Let me start by saying that for quite a few years, I used to get leg cramps and foot cramps all the time, and I went and saw a naturopathic and I found out from this naturopathic . Angela Agrios, here in Los Angeles, that I had some circulatory problems and it never occurred to me what was causing the leg cramps or what the issues might be, but we noted down pretty.

Quickly, she noted down pretty quickly and i got on to a supplement plan and did a lot of other things to help build my circulatory system. In so doing, the leg cramps and the foot cramps diminished. However, with that said, I still get leg cramps and foot cramps every now and then, and what I want to do in this tutorial is share with you a little bit about what happens, why we get leg cramps and foot cramps and what we can do to stop those pretty quickly. First of all, like I mentioned, circulatory issues can be one of.

The causes, and if you have leg cramps or foot cramps on a regular basis, i really recommend that you go see a naturopathic , get checked out and see whether or not that’s a contributing reason for your foot cramps or leg cramps. Another reason for getting foot cramps or leg cramps should be an electrolyte imbalance or depletion of electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals and the three main ones are calcium, magnesium and potassium. If someone goes to the sauna, sweats a lot or exercises, sweats a lot, you can easily lose a lot of electrolytes,.

And that is definitely a contributing cause to foot cramps or leg cramps. finally, another major reason is when there’s cold feet or cold legs. That can contribute to leg cramps or foot cramps. If one of the reasons why we get leg cramps or foot cramps is a lack of electrolytes or electrolyte depletion, then obviously it makes sense to put electrolytes back into the body and I’ve been using an electrolyte replenisher for quite some time now, several years, and it’s called Ultima. I highly recommend it. I actually met the.

Rep from ultima many, many years ago. they gave me a great story about what they do, no artificial anything. It’s all natural and so I’ve been using it almost every single day and I don’t have any tie to them, but I really do like their product, and so if I get a cramp at night and I know that I’ve either exercised really hard that day or I went to the sauna and sweat it, I’ll immediately take some Ultima and that will definitely help subdue the leg cramp or foot cramp. If you think that there’s an electrolyte imbalance.

And you take an electrolyte replenisher, that definitely is a good idea. that’s the first method, and then number 2 would be take magnesium, because magnesium is also not only an electrolyte, but it calms the muscles. It calms everything down, and speaking of calm, a great magnesium supplement on the market is called Calm. It actually can help you go to sleep as well, so I highly recommend Calm. It gets into the system right away. I’ve been using it for several years and if you want to go to sleep more easily and if you want to stop leg cramps.

And foot cramps, give calm a try. now the third remedy i’m going to share with you is a homeopathic remedy. It’s called Cuprum. This is what it looks like, Cuprum. It’s a homeopathic copper remedy. Now here’s the interesting thing about Cuprum and homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies work at an energetic level, and when you work at the energetic level, sometimes it can work really super fast and if you’ve ever wondered whether or not homeopathy works, here’s an experiment. Get a cramp, get some Cuprum, take the Cuprum,.

Take 2 pellets under your tongue, and in about 2 to 3 minutes, your cramp will be gone. tell me that’s not amazing, and I guarantee you that it works most of the time for most people. It works for me. I keep this in my pocket at all times. I can’t recommend it enough. I learned it from Angela Agrios and if you want to have an instant cramp relief remedy on you at all times, take Cuprum wherever you go. Now the fourth remedy is a really interesting remedy because I found it in a health foods store. I wasn’t even looking.

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