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Hand Pain Between Thumb And Pointer

Hi welcome to stressedoutstressfree my name is vincent woon. in this tutorial we are going to talk about the mouse Ooops! not this mouse, medium mouse, small mouse, trackball mouse, wireless mouse, whats thatHey thats my daughters pet hamster and big mouse Why are we talking about the mouse today? My wife came back yesterday complaining that she have pain in the hand especially at the web area here. After asking few questions.

About how her work place is set up. we figured out that, she was using a trackball mouse with a limited space and she uses the mouse a lot. And I figured the repetitive use of the mouse create pain for her it might create pain for other people like you and what In going to do is show you how to loosen the muscles in the area. Usually this is the pain area, the wrist area and the web. Today Im going to show you.

The web. how you dig into the web area. use your index finger. find where the pain and all you need to do is move this way like such, push it youll feel the knot there and that will loosen up or you can use your thumb same way push it in and the other method is just to put your thumb there and move your other fingers you will feel it or just move this way and youll feel the area loosen up or the knot loosen up. To tackle this area, the wrist area just use your pad of your thumb, push down hold it.

And then move your hand move your wrist and to finish it you just do a little quick to loosen up the area. Here too, just hold on to it kind of like jiggle it. Push it down too and thats it. Thank you very much for watching, this is what I do to release the tension for my wife I hope it helps you too. If you like this tutorial please share it on Facebook and Twitter and if you have any comment please leave it in the comment box below.

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