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Hand Pain Climbing

‘hi, jeff. this is sorro from india, and my ‘ax jeff’ question is, whenever i am doing my bicep curls, I get a very sharp and a nagging pain in this portion of my wrist. And it only happens during the exercise which involves the Barbell Curl. The outer part aches a lot and I’m not able to twist it in this direction. This is fine. This movement and this movement is, I’m having a problem with that. So, thank you.’ Thanks, my man, for the question. It’s actually a very good question because this is a common.

Problem that guys will have when they’re doing the curl especially with the barbell. And a lot of it is anatomical, and a lot of it also has to do with how we’re performing the Barbell Curl. So, I’ll tell you why it’s actually, you’re getting that pain in that spot right on the inside part of the wrist maybe even radiating down into the forearm. And more importantly what you can do so you can start doing Curls again and not have to.

Suffer that pain. If you look at the anatomical part of this, right. We have two bones that make up our forearm. We have the radius here, and then we have the ulna on the other side. So, the radius anatomically, is longer than the ulna. So, you can see, right as I put my fingers on the corners of those two bones, you can do this yourself, just hook right on the end of your wrist.

You’ll see that my middle finger here is on top of the radius that’s longer and further down than the edge and end of my ulna which is right here, ok. What happens is, our body wants to equalize that difference so there’s a little bit of a cartilaginous disk that sits right in between the end of the ulna and then into the carpal bones. So, we close that gap down of the length difference between the two sides. Keep that in mind because.

Now when we go grab a barbell, and we go try to do our Barbell Curls what happens is, as you try to curl a barbell, think about what you might do. You might try to start lifting by getting more of your body english into the move to help you to lift that heavier weight. Well, what happens is, your elbows almost come underneath a little bit because what.

You’re trying to do is actually get a little bit of help from your pecs as you squeeze them together. You’re almost doing a little bit of a crossover underneath and lifting that way. So, as you do that, you’re getting your shoulders involved too. As you do that, your wrists are actually feeling this type of torque and force even though they’re restricted by the straightness of the bar.

But, as you do this, and you’re pushing all that weight down, you’re also getting that supination here at the wrist. Well, take this, turn your wrist upside down, k, like this. Bend it back and pull down. And even guys that don’t have pain in the wrist are going to find that the inside portion of the wrist, right in that area where that disk is, you feel some pain because you’re basically compressing that and causing a pretty uncomfortable sensation.

You do that over and over and over again, you could actually wear down and cause damage to that cartilage disk that’s in between your ulna and your carpal bones. So, again, as you curl up and you’re trying to, you’re getting that supination and downward force, and that causes that pinch. So, the two things you can do to fix it, number 1 are, lift a little bit lighter weight because if you’re not having to do this and you can keep it nice and strict,.

Sufferfest 700 Miles of Pain and Glory Nat Geo Live

( intro music ) Cedar Wright:lt;igt; Yeah there’s tons of pain, exhaustion,lt;/igt; lt;igt; but the same time there’s a lot of beauty, and laughter,lt;/igt; lt;igt; and really special moments,lt;/igt; lt;igt; and it all combines into this unforgettable life experience.lt;/igt; lt;igt; Woo! Yeah!lt;/igt;.

( applause ) So, how does a. .a little kid, well, named Cedar Wright Obviously hippie parents, right? lt;igt; .and an amazing dresser later in life become.lt;/igt; ( audience laughter ).

.the superman of rock climbing, that i am today? Well, actually, some people might disagree with that statement. lt;igt; But basically it started for me in Yosemite Valley.lt;/igt; lt;igt; I started out living in my truck.lt;/igt; lt;igt; And doing, kind of, what climbers call the dirtbag existence.lt;/igt; lt;igt; And that basically involves, you know,lt;/igt;.

lt;igt; diving in dumpsters, surviving on next to nothinglt;/igt; lt;igt; and climbing all the timelt;/igt; lt;igt;in this place, Yosemite Valley.lt;/igt; lt;igt; And I soon got a job on Yosemite Search and Rescue.lt;/igt; lt;igt;And this is my first sponsorship in a way. It was.lt;/igt; lt;igt; it was a way for me to live full time in Yosemite Valley.lt;/igt;.

Occasionally, i would perform a rescue, help drag somebody off a cliff or carry somebody down with a sprained ankle from a trail. lt;igt; It allowed me to really hone my craft as a climber.lt;/igt; lt;igt; And because I had my Bachelor’s in English,lt;/igt; lt;igt; I started to write about my exploits and tell stories.lt;/igt;.

And this led eventually to climbing sponsorship. I actually convinced some. companies that they should sponsor me, including The North Face. lt;igt; That would really kinda transform my whole life.lt;/igt; lt;igt; It allowed me to travel the worldlt;/igt;.

lt;igt; and have these incredible adventures all over the globe.lt;/igt; lt;igt;And also do some really sketchy, awesome stuff like this.lt;/igt; lt;igt; This was in the Ukraine.lt;/igt; ( audience gasps ) This is a 600foot fall. ( audience gasps ).

And actually the rope breaks, so i’m gonna I don’t want you guys to see. ( audience laughter ) .the next part. But I. I had a remarkable recovery and I’m here with us today.

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