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Kensington Carpal Tunnel Wrist Rest

KENSINGTON SmartFit Wrist Rest Interchangeable Colored Inserts Black PadCover

Hi, I am Kelly with Ochimp. Today I have a pretty cool product to show you. It is the Kensington SmartFit Wrist Rest. Now the smart fit system is an ergonomic design that makes it easy to find a wrist rest that is right for you. With every wrist rest comes this handy sizing chart. All you do is place your hand on it to find which colour corresponds with your hand size and each box contains four different wrist rest inserts, each one is a little bit different size so you can find the right one that matches your wrist. Now my hand matched the blue hand on the guide so I am going to take this blue insert and fit it into the wrist rest base and it’s pretty easy to do, you just put in the tabs, and.

Your wrist rest is good to go and so to use you simply place your wrist in the wrist rest and anytime you are using your mouse you have got this nice support system that’s gonna keep your wrist in a nice neutral position and I find that it’s pretty comfortable and this base also glides easily along my desk. It’s very easy and comfortable to use and wrist rest are important to use because they keep the pressure off of your wrist and that helps to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in the future and also helps to prevent any pain and discomfort. This wrist rest will be great to use for anyone that shares the computer if there is multiple users because if say I want a wrist rest that works for me I can.

Just you know, take out this blue and if someone else needed the yellow to fit their wrist they would always have access to a wrist rest that fits perfectly for them so great to use if you have multiple users at one computer. If you have any questions about this wrist rest at all just give us a call or visit us online.

KENSINGTON Wrist Pillow Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Support Black

Hi, I am Kelly with Ochimp and today I want to talk to you about this Kensington Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest. Now this wrist rest is sure to make your wrist happy. Its made of a nice memory foam that is pressure and temperature sensitive. I can show it to you here, nice and comfortable and this means that its going to mould to perfectly fit your wrist and keep them supported while you type and its important to use supportive ergonomic wrist rest like this because that’s going to prevent pain and discomfort in your wrist now and help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in the future. Some other great features of this wrist rest include its nonskid back that’s gonna keep it in place while you type.

And its length is also long enough to fit all keyboards sizes. Now this definitely gets the chimporufic seal of approval for use in the office jungle and if you have any questions about this at all please give us a call or visit us online.

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