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Median Nerve Kinesio Tape

G’day, My name’s Fergus. I’m a physio at Fit As A Physio. This is some taping techniques I use to prevent and treat injuries. Alright this is Janine. She’s got some medial ankle pain. It’s a Tibialis Posterior tendinopathy. Tibialis posterior is coming down the medial border of the tibia behind the medial ankle, with some tendon pain around the inside of the ankle. I’m going to put some kinesio tape on it to give Janine some support when shes walking. I’m roughly measuring up a bit of tape, cutting the tape with the scissors,.

Rounding the corners of the tape so that the corners don’t catch and lift up. I’m guttering the tape towards itself to catch that leading edge which is a nice way of getting the tape off the paper. Coming into the medial arch of her foot, I’m putting in a couple of inches of no stretch as an anchor. I’m applying about half of the available stretch, just following the anatomy of tibialis posterior, about half of the stretch, and then an anchor of no stretch at the other end. Rubbing it on, warms it up to activate the glue, rubbing it on so.

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