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Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Protection Principles

My name is John Andraka. I am a physical therapist and I’d like to discuss with you the importance of joint protection and body mechanics for individuals that present to our facility with arthritis. The first thing we’d like to go over is something as simple as picking up a box. We’re all told to keep our back nice and straight. The reason that is, is we want to optimize the joint position of the muscle, optimize the position of the joints, muscles, ligaments, in order to decrease joint stresses and also conserve energy. So the first example.

Of how we can educate ourselves on how to squat the most efficient and best way is I like to tell people pretend there is a chair behind you. So, basically, you’re going to keep your back nice and straight. Pretend you’re sitting down in the chair and then back up. Perfect. Keeping the back nice and straight, abdominals tight. Very good. One more time. Down. Knees in good position. Perfect. Now I’m going to have you turn to the right and I will slide this chair out of the way. Another trick is if you grab a stick, or a.

Golf club, or a broom, anything that you have around the house, and if we look at the normal anatomy of the spine, you have a curve in your low back. So if we hold this stick to his back, we’ve got contact here, we’ve got contact here. So we want him to maintain that curve in his low back as he’s squatting down to pick up a box or whatever it might be. So, Bob, let’s have you bend forward and then back up. One more time. Perfect. Maintaining that curve. The incorrect way to lift, if he bent more forward with his back and now.

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