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Symptoms Of Arthritis In Upper Leg

Hi! I am Monica. Another exercise I am going to show you for strengthening the muscles around your hip and knee is going to be for your adductor muscles or your muscles that are right on the inside of your thigh. So go ahead and find a good spot on the bed or on the floor, lie on your side and this time we are going to be working the muscles on the right side of the leg so you are going to want to straighten the right leg out underneath.

You, the left leg you just go ahead and bend and bring up where it is comfortable for you and the right leg you are just going to lift up. So just a small movement and not getting much. I am only lifting my leg about 68 inches off the ground. You should be feeling it right along your inner thigh. You can come up and hold it for 35 seconds if you want to or just keep coming up all the way through. You want to make sure you are right on your side.

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