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Symptoms Of Blood Clot Going To Lung

Hi Shane Ellison for The People’s Chemist And today I’m going to address an extremely important question, and that is What is a blood clot and how do I avoid them Blood clots are the result of a chemical cascade by which a blood compound known as fibrinogen is converted into fibrin. This gives rise to a scaffoldinglike structure that halts blood flow. When we bleed, the elastic, fibrin molecules gather and thicken near a wound. The entire process is mandatory for healing. But in excess, blood clots cause heart attack and stroke.

For their ability to halt blood flow all together. The pharmaceutical industry attempts to curb the blood clot threat with blood thinners like aspirin, plavix and coumadin. In an emergency situation, these drugs have immense value. But using them daily is plain stupid. In fact, side effects from prescription blood thinners are the leading cause of hospitalization today! Instead of swallowing risky drugs everyday, it’s wiser to understand what causes blood to thicken excessively.and they areDehydration, High triglycerides,Increased sugar levels. Therefore, the best way to ensure healthy blood is to drink plenty of purified water.

Or spring water, avoid sugar and excess fruits and take part in weight training to keep inflammation down. In place of risky blood thinners, and outside of an emergency situation, you can also avoid dangerous blood clots with the natural medicine known as hawthorn and by incorporating asparagus into your diet. In my book, OverTheCounter Natural Cures, I taught the active ingredients in hawthorn are able to keep clots away, without thinning the blood excessively In fact, Harvard University published their findings to report that Indeed, if scientists had tried to design a clotpreventing molecule, they could scarcely have created one more.

How to Stop Unruly Blood Clots Without Risky Meds

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