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Symptoms Of Facet Joint Arthritis

Hey everybody it’s jo, and today i’m going to show you some stretches and exercises facet joint syndrome. Let’s get started. So the facet joints are the little joints in your spine that help it bend and twist. So not where the vertebrae are, but the little joints on the back. So when those are inflamed and irritated, it makes a really painful to.

Twist and then and do things like that. so we’re going to start off with some stretches on our back, my stock is falling off, and just to start off we’re going to a simple knee to chest stretch. So this is the one where you want to grab underneath. Some people grab on top, but if you happen to have any knee issues, make sure you grab underneath. And then just pull your knee towards your chest as far as you comfortably can and hold that stretch for about 30 seconds. And.

Then after the 30 seconds, switch sides. Hold that stretch nice big pull. You should feel it underneath that lower back area a little bit, and then do that three times on each side. Then you’re going to go into some pelvic tilts. The pelvic tilts are the ones where you want to kind of flatten out your back tighten up those core muscles, almost like I like to call it when you’re fake.

Laughing when you go haha and those muscles tighten up but you want actually movement in the pelvis. So if you’re just squeezing and it’s not going anywhere, that’s not quite the movement. You want actually tilt it back and flatten out your back. So it’s almost like if someone had their hands there or your hands, you’re trying to squish it into the ground. So hold that for about three to five seconds, and then do 10 of those. Then you’re going to go up into a bridge,.

So just bringing your hips up until your body’s pretty flat in the air. so coming up and then when you come back down, come back down nice and slow, that’s the important part. Almost one segment at a time so you’re really stretching out those facet joints as you go. And then same thing coming up nice and controlled, slow coming up and then slowly coming back down. The same thing do about 10 of those to start off with.

Now we’re going to flip over and go into a child’s pose. with the child’s pose, spread your knees out just a little bit so you can come down, put your arms out in front of you, and just take your bottom down towards your heels, and then come down as low as you comfortably can. You might not be able to get quite as far as me, if you’re not as flexible, but go down as far as you comfortably can and hold it for about 30 seconds. And then come back up and then do three of.

Those. the next one is going to be a little bit of a rotation stretch, but you want to stretch the upper part of your body versus when you’re lying down and your rotating your legs, this time we’re going to rotate our arms. So you’re going to be in this quadruped position, and then take your arm and bring it underneath and pull through. So you’re rotating that upper body to get that stretch, and for this one you can just hold it for about three to five seconds,.

And then come up and then rotate the other way. so going about three to five seconds doing five on each side. Now we’re going to go into some quadruped exercises and you can start off pretty slow just doing maybe the arms first, but make sure your shoulders are pretty much in line with your hands. So you don’t want it way out, there’s a hair, or you don’t want it way under you want to you know pretty straight up and down to protect your shoulders. And then.

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