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Tendonitis Cure

Hi welcome to StressedOutStressFree Myname is Vincent Woon. In this tutorial I’m going to talk to you about elbow tendonitis. Overthe past few days one of my YouTube friend have been asking me questions on elbow tendonitis.We have been doing question and answer over our YouTube channel and I found that he haddone surgery on the wrist that actually attached the tendons back to the fingers, And thatcauses pain in the tendon at the elbow. From here all the way to the index and pointerfinger. What causes tendonitis?In this case: tendonitis is caused as a result of an injury.The commonly cause of tendonitis is the repetitive

use of the tendon. Elbow tendonitis thereare two names for that if the pain is here it’s call tennis elbow and if it’s here it’scall golfer’s elbow. So pending on which area the pain is. If the pain is on the top ofthe forearm it’s call tennis elbow and if it’s down here it’s call golfer’s elbow. Now what do you do when you have tendonitis?You can stretch! Let’s say if this is the pain here, first bend you hand this way andwith the opposite push, as soon as you push you can feel the stretch here. To get a betterstretch make a fist ad push down this way, push it back. A better view,this way make a fist and push it back. You

can feel the stretch all the way here. Forthe bottom part or the golfer’s elbow, you can do this way and you can feel it, thisway. What happens after you stretch and it stillhurts? Next we can us paraffin. What does paraffin do? Paraffin wax actually warms upthe area and create circulation in the area. This is a paraffin bath. Basically what itdoes is a machine that melts paraffin wax in here.Very simple to do a paraffin bath, just dip your elbow in there 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Thisis how it looks, this is how it looks after you dip it in the wax. You can actually feelthe heat now and it creates the circulation

in there and helps soften up the skin andalso relax the muscle. You can see the redness here and it shows circulation. And if that doesn’t work! You can try massagingit. The pain starts from here all the way down here. Basically if it’s tennis elbowthe pain will be here and if it’s golfer’s elbow the pain will be down here . Normally the pain will be here to here orhere to the bottom right here, So use your finger pad, finger straight, rub this wayall along the tendon where you feel the pain. Push it across like this and for the tendonhere, gently with your finger tips rub this

way, rub on it, rub on it, especially by theelbow use two fingers because the area is slightly smaller. And for the other side samething, pad it down with your thumb because this area is also small and you do it thisway. And this is the lazy way to do it put one finger on the pain area and just turn yourhand left, right left right like such. Put your fingers here and here if both side havepain just turn this way like this eft, right left right and this way or this wayů.pushit across this way along the muscle. Across this way! With this 3 techniques combine with my newfound love, natural pain relief ointmentcream

with that it will help release all your pain.In order to find out what it is? If you are watching on YouTube please click on the httplink StressedOutStressFree tendonitis below this tutorial. It will send you to my websiteand there’s the link to the product. And if you are watching through my website pleasescroll down and you’ll find the link to the special cream I’m talking about. After this you are pretty much ready to goBUT you need to add something call resistance exercise. Resistance exercise is any exercisethat causes your muscles to contract with the use of external resistance for examplelike using dumbbell, your body weigh or a

Causes Recovery Exercises for Tendonitis Elbow Pain

MUSIC PLAYING Tendonitis is an inflammatorycondition of the tendon due to overuse or trauma. There’s typically some degree of microtearingwithin the tendon, which leads to the inflammatory cycle. Common symptoms of tendonitis are pain atthe elbow, either on the inside or the outside of the elbow, with lifting, gripping, carryingactivities, even with opening doors or opening or closing jars or other containers. Tendonitis is caused by overusing the armwith gripping or lifting activities, or other things like golf or tennis, where there’sactually too much stress on the tendon where

the microtrauma has occurred. And that thenleads to the inflammatory cycle. Treatment for an elbow tendonitis would initiallyinvolve resting, icing, and potentially taking some antiinflammatory medications, alongwith potentially bracing the site to allow for rest of the area for two to three weeks.After a period of two to three weeks of rest to allow the initial recovery, we would wantto start stressing the tendon gently. We would perform some gentle stretches in order todo that. One stretch you would perform would be tobring the arm down like this, in order to stretch the top part of the forearm muscles.We would perform 30 second stretches, two

to three repetitions. And we could also perform a stretch with palmup, bringing the arm down like this, to stretch this side of the musculature. We would perform,again, two to three repetitions for 30 second stretches. These stretches should be performedtwo to three times a day in a completely pain free range of motion. Once we’ve started some pain free stretching,we can also starting stressing the tendons in a pain free way also. We could start performingsome wrist extension exercises. We could perform 10 to 15 repetitions, two to three sets. Again,also in a completely pain free range of motion.

We can also perform wrist flexion. 15 repetitions,two to three sets, completely pain free. And then we can also hold the dumbbell on theend, and bring the arm down this way and this way. These should be performed one time perday, two to three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions, all maintaining pain free range. When we start the resistance exercises, avery light level of resistance should be used. One to three pounds maximum should be used.And then you can progress up from there, once you can achieve two to three sets of 10 to15 repetitions completely pain free. Finally, some light gripping exercises couldbe incorporated. These gripping devices can

be purchased at any local sporting goods store.These gripping exercises should be performed one time a day for one to three minutes ata time in a completely pain free movement. MUSIC PLAYING.

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