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Tendonitis Expert

Hi! I am Monica and right now I am going to show you some massage techniques that you can do for your Achilles tendon area. So when you are starting, you always want to make sure your techniques are starting off nice and gentle and kind of warming up the tissues. So a good one to kind of warm up the tissues is you can take both your thumbs or your index fingers, whatever you are comfortable with, one of each, and what you are going to do is come right on either side of the tendon, kind of wiggle your tendon back and forth.

You want your foot to be nice and relaxed, if it is too tight you are not going to be able to push the tendon, so nice and relaxed, you can see I can actually push the tendon down, push it back up, so that’s how you are doing here, pushing it back and forth. You want to make sure you are going all the way down here so we are starting to attach on your heel bone and then kind of come all the way up to where you kind of start to loosen.

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