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Tendonitis Levaquin

John is a gentleman who is in his late 80s. He’s a World War II veteran. He is somebody who spent his life in sales and he retired and entered into essentially the golden years of his life. He’s an avid, avid golfer. You see this gentleman and all he wants to do is he worked his entire life, he supported his family, wants to play golf, wants to help his grandchildren play golf, really wants the whole world to play golf. Well, John suffered an Achilles tendon rupture after taking a medication and came to us to see whether or.

Not his rupture was related to the medication he was taking. We reviewed his case. There are antibiotics out there that are known to cause Achilles tendon ruptures and we were able to review his case and advised him that we believed that his injury was related to the usage of a medication. In order to make this decision, we take a look at the medical records. We take a look at his past medical history. And we take a look at what he was doing when the injury occurred. And from whatever side we looked at, every single time it came.

Back to the association of the usage of this particular medication every time. This is the type of case that we review every day and that I do every day at Parker Waichman. With respect to the injuries, I’m also a paramedic. I’m able to look at the injuries from the perspective of what may have caused the injury and whether or not there was something outside of the medication or if there was some type of event. I look at them from a personal level as if they are people that I’m trying to look at and diagnose, as I.

Achilles Tendon Ruptures and Antibiotics A Case Study New York Attorney Matthew McCauley

Did for many years as a paramedic. That helps me to get through, to get through their cases and the determination of whether this a case that should be filed or if there’s something else involved in the case that may have caused their case. And some of the toughest calls that we have to make is when we tell people, you know, We can’t help you because your injury is not related to the medication that you are taking or the product that you are using. And we spend just as much time explaining to people why their case isn’t a case as.

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