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Tendonitis Tape

Ok, so we’re now going to do a strapping for effectively patella tendonitis or tendonosis, here, the idea is that we’re going to put the strapping here then we’re going to pull it across the patella tendon here, to offload where it’s painful where it attaches into the base of the patella this is often very sore so what we’re trying to do is put a piece of tape across here to effectively change where we’re loading that particular part of the tendon. This is often known as the Crystal Palace wrap there’s lots of different versions of it.

But effectively that’s when we try to put a band here. So what we’re going to do we’re going to use some hyper fix underneath where we’re and this is used for the tape just to stick to. OK. so we’re going to find the lower bony part of the knee cap, we’re going to find what we call the tibial tubercle which is the bony part there and in between is a nice soft part of the tendon. So we want to be on that tendon there. so I’m going to put this around the.

Back. Don’t pull it to tight across the back of the knee because it will become uncomfortable. Now this one here, as I say is just for the tape to stick to and you don’t have it too tight. so that’s effective from that point of view you can put a piece of padding here or a piece of padding here, if you want even more pressure. What I’m now going to use is an elastic adhesive bandage but a smaller version of five centimetre version and we’re going to have two strips.

Taping and strapping the Patella Tendonitis Crystal Palace Wrap

Ok. So, we’ve got two strips, like so. And what we need to do is twist each one OK so we’re just going to twist it around and make it into a cord. OK, so we’re going to twist it, twist it, twist it, twist it around like so like so OK. That’s one. I’m then going to do this one. I’m going to twist it around like so. so we’ve now got two pieces of cord. what we are now going to do is place those in this area again so we’ve got the tibial tubercle,.

The bottom part of the patella and i’m now in a soft squishy bit, it’s important that the patient relaxes their quads so that’s why we’ve got them in a standing position. But, they’re not their leaning again the bed, so they’re then relaxed. I’m going to pull down into here and what I’m doing is I’m going to cover that area with this tape so I’m pulling quite a bit of tension into those two strips there and then i’m just going to cover it like so. And they stand up and they go to use their quadriceps muscle,.

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